LED screens for professional advertising use the most advanced technology based on years of experience in the business, which has allowed us to meet the needs of many national and international customers. We serve both large corporations and public institutions, as well as small and medium enterprises.

It is important to highlight the fact that the number of LED advertising screens has grown in many cities. This proves the device helps to the attract attention of potential customers and, ultimately, increases sales of products and services. This popularity of outdoor LED screens throughout the country has resulted into emergence of numerous companies trying to gain a foothold in the market. Accordingly, we must differentiate companies with a long history in this sector and advanced knowledge on the subject, and those reselling the equipment. The last ones tend to sell out advertising LED screens and disappear once they have reached their goal. We have been manufacturing and designing outdoor advertising LED screens for more than a decade, and this is exactly what makes us pioneers in the area in terms of using LED technology on the national level.

Our experience has brought us to the place where we are able to create a range of very specific outdoor LED screens adapted to each particular need.



Billboards for advertising are very bright, allowing you to broadcast contents both during day and night. Luminosity of our big screens is one of the factors most valued by customers, who need to play their advertising at any time, even in the sunlight.

Using other companies’ product of a lower quality and with worse technology does not allow the content to be properly appreciated, because lower quality LEDs put good performance under question. On the other hand, this excellent luminosity can cause problems at night. For example, too much light can significantly annoy pedestrians or neighbors, and even cause sanctions.

To avoid this, all our models have easy-to-use luminosity controllers, allowing to program the light intensity of your billboard. The device is easily programmable, although there is a possibility of installing a light sensor that will perform this function automatically.


In Visual Led, we customize the size of all our outdoor screens to meet client’s needs to the fullest. The manufacturing of customized projects is one of our key services, while other manufacturers disregard this direction due to the complexity of custom design and manufacturing .

The size of a LED advertising screen will depend on the content we want a potential buyer to see. To understand this moment better, take a traditional poster as a reference and locate it at a desirable distance (the distance at which we want the content on the LED screen to be viewed). For example, if we want this content to be correctly perceived at a distance of 100 meters (distance of a football field), a 2×2 m screen will not be suitable. It is obvious that we will need a bigger screen surface. To sum up, this parameter has nothing to do with the screen quality, but with its size.


Outdoor LED screens have an IP protection level allowing them to get wet in case of rain. If we are going to locate a screen outside, we have to use waterproof and protecting features for it to be able to resist the adverse weather conditions: sun, rain, snow, etc. This will ensure durability of the product and help to avoid a possible malfunction of the system. We will help you to choose the best option.


Our outdoor LED screens have an excellent durability, since their components are of a high quality. LEDs used in the screens maintain a homogeneous light for thousands of hours.

These quality standards translate into the possibility of continuous use of the digital screen. In other words, it can be running 24 hours without a problem. Our screens resist high temperatures, while other can stop at 40°C, which entails the necessity to use additional air conditioners which, in turn, considerably increases installation and maintenance costs.


In addition to the LED screen size, we should clarify the question of pixel resolution, because retailers that sell limited and outdated stock may advise a person who is not familiar with the subject inappropriately.

For good viewing quality, a billboard for advertising needs a sufficient number of LEDs. The more LEDs, the better resolution. The closer one pixel is to another, the better the content will be seen at a close distance. Meaning, to see a picture better from a short distance the pixel grid should be 8 mm rather than 10 mm. On the other hand, when it comes to a giant LED screen, we will not need a reduced pixel resolution, but should go for a larger pixel grid.

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