10 window display tips that will boost your business

Did you know that what is probably the oldest store in Europe is in the city of Tarragona? It is Casa Corderet, a wax shop that, according to its foundation stone, would date from 1631. A record that surely would not have been possible without a visually attractive space and a good presentation of their products. And although we cannot guarantee that your store will be so long-lived, we want to share 10 window display tips that will help you sell more.

Next, we explain what window display dressing is all about and what strategies will make your business stand out from its competitors. Ready?

What is window display dressing and how can it help you?

As its name suggests, window display dressing is a marketing technique focused on decorating shop windows. Thus, you can attract passers-by and it encourages them to enter, increasing the probability of achieving more sales in turn. Through this strategy, not only are the products given higher visibility: you can display a commercial philosophy or lifestyle.

Nor should we lose sight of the fact that a shop window is like a business card and that, as is usual when someone is introduced to us, passers-by take very little time to form an opinion about your establishment: just a few seconds. Hence the importance of displaying an impeccable appearance. Remember: there is not a second chance for a first impression. And this is usually the one that remains.

However, the importance of window dressing goes further, partly due, and paradoxically, to the consolidation of new technologies or ICT (yes, you read correctly). Thanks to the proliferation of online stores, more and more consumers go to physical stores to examine products of interest before purchasing them online, which is known as showrooming. This phenomenon coexists with another that is totally opposed to this, webrooming, which consists of purchasing articles that have been previously seen online in a traditional store.

All this explains to what extent it is important to have a good knowledge of the product and the needs that the target or buyer persona may have, and to what extent it is necessary to take care of the scenography aspects of a window display. In the lines that follow, we give you some window display dressing tips that will make your business take off. Pay attention!

Tricks to boost your window display

Obviously, there are no formulas that guarantee 100% success. In fact, this will also be closely linked to the location of the business – obviously, the chances of attracting more customers are greater if you are on a busy street – the type of product offered, pricing, etc. However, a good staging can help, and a lot. Discover how to get it.

  1. Be original. A recent study by Seriosusly Social points out that 80% of marketers consider that originality is the most important factor when designing and launching an effective campaign. Something that also happens with the showcase. So, break with everything and dare to offer something risky, with what you gain in visibility and dissemination. One way to achieve this is to place unexpected or vintage objects to accompany those that are for sale. We assure you that this strategy works like a charm!
  2. Avoid crowded window displays. Beware of horror vacui: motley spaces do not help sales. The mission of a window display dresser is not to show the entire commercial offer, as this can have a counterproductive effect: overwhelming the pedestrian and inviting them to ignore the storefront, since it is difficult for something to catch his attention in the middle of such a great bundle of articles . The Golden rule? Place few items on the display but chosen conscientiously.
  3. Focus on what the consumer is looking for. You know your target audience better than anyone. And although it is tempting to give prominence to the most expensive products, you have to think about which ones may have more commercial outlet. As you well know, the consumers’ demands are increasingly changing. Interact with them whenever you can and create and maintain a community of followers in social networks to know their tastes and preferences.
  4. Group the products by concepts. In retail, it is essential to be tidy. When distributing your items on the sideboard, group them according to a criterion: function, color, size, shape … In this way, passers-by will be able to focus their attention on what they are most interested in.
  5. Pay attention to the visual line: place the objects strategically. When it comes to distributing the items in the shop window, we have to keep the visual line in mind: do not forget that those that are placed at eye level acquire a greater role. In the same way, you can place those products that are of secondary commercial importance to you at the height of your hands. In turn, those that have a merely decorative function can be at feet level. Do not put too many things above the heads of passers-by, since almost no one tends to look up when looking at a dresser. As for the news, it is advisable that they are in the front row.
  6. Take advantage of color psychology. If you have a small business, you will surely be familiar with the power of colors over the buyer’s psychology, and how these can help shopping predisposition. Discover about the properties of colors and how it can help you play with different tones in this article. All this without forgetting that a good color combination can make your showcase much more striking. Do not forget that the combinations of red white and black are the ones that work best. In addition, the human eye tends to focus more on similar color groupings or on those formed by complementary colors (for example, red and green or blue and orange). Test is out!
  7. Renew or die. One of the keys to the success of the main group of textile companies in Spain was a system that allowed them to change their clothing collections every 15 days, while competitors could take up to six months. Hence the importance of renovating your window display often, without waiting for the end of season. Only then can you capture the attention of those who pass in front of your establishment each day. Also, if you launch a promotion, it is important for it to last a short time to urge purchases. Without a doubt, this is one of the most effective window dressing tips.
  8. Help with storytelling. Let your imagination fly, and let the potential client complete it. For example, you can place various products in a way that explains a process and leave an empty space with a call-to-action directed at the consumer, encouraging them to enter the store to find the missing object. Various studies show that the presence of a story thread helps to convey a message effectively.
  9. Reinforce the visibility of the shop window with LED signs. Luminous signboards are providential to capture the pedestrians’ attention. In addition, this resource goes beyond conventional signage, as, in addition to the name of the store, you can also take advantage to offer information on discounts, promotions, offers, events, information of interest … All this without forgetting that they will give your business a much more modern image. To ensure maximum durability, those provided by Visual Led are prepared to resist atmospheric agents. What are you waiting for to discover the advantages of LED signs?
  10. Install LED screens inside the storefront. In addition to taking care of the lighting, it is also important for the monitors located within the showcase to offer the right brightness and the adequate resolution, providing an optimum image quality even when the sunlight directly affects it. Only indoor LED screens guarantee an optimal result, something that domestic TVs cannot provide. On the other hand, this is an ideal resource to give visibility to the smallest products, or to show situations in which the items for sale can be useful. They can even be used to show how it works. Also, do not overlook the fact that moving images attract more attention than static images. Check it out with these LED screens for shops and shop windows.

So here are our window display tips. However, if you have a small business, you may know many other ways to surprise consumers. In that case, do not hesitate to send us your suggestions. We will be happy to read you! And if you have doubts about this post or about how the LED screens operate, you can contact us freely. Our team will guide you and give you the necessary keys to boost your business. We are waiting for you!