Advantages of led screens for events

Many of those who consider acquiring an LED screen do so with the idea of ​​using it as an advertising screen, placing it in a fixed location and regularly broadcasting content about offers, promotions, etc. However, these devices can give much more play. For example: have you thought to what extent it can be useful to have an LED screen for events?

Next, we explain why, depending on your type of business, it is very worthwhile —and it is totally profitable— to bet on this option.

Take advantage of the boom in MICE tourism

Although we have to associate tourism exclusively with pleasure trips, more and more are motivated by business reasons. We refer to MICE tourism (the acronym for meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions / events), which encompasses those trips that have the objective of attending meetings, congresses, seminars, fairs, exhibitions or conventions. The same could be said for incentive trips or for any other professional purpose.

Despite the fact that the situation derived from COVID-19 will surely have modified this data, until just before the pandemic, 20% of world tourism corresponded to people on business trips. Additionally, according to figures from the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), MICE travellers spend approximately 53% more than leisure travellers. This data shows the muscle and potential of this sector, and explains why it is worth investing firmly in any business strategy.

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In this context, LED screens are perfect for events or stands, whether it is indoor LED screens or outdoor LED screens. All of them are the ideal solution when the participants in a certain fair or show are looking for the following:

  • Impact on visitors and other players in the sector. For this, giant LED screens can be an unbeatable ally. In this way, it is possible to draw attention to the brand, its commercial offer, its news or its discounts and promotions. Including ad hoc designed content for the appointment will also help to achieve an effective claim. In this sense, it must be taken into account that in these environments there is competition against an infinity of stimuli and inputs, so it is essential to have a screen that emits high-impact videos and images.
  • Help potential customers get to know the company and its products better. There are numerous smaller LED screens (LED banners, digital signs, billboards, etc.) that can be placed next to the stand, and that will bring attendees closer to the brand and its benefits. Thanks to the different supports that we have in Visual Led, they can be supported on the floor, hung on the wall, etc.
  • Carry out open-air boradcasts, even in conditions of strong sunlight. Let’s imagine that the organiser of an event in a closed place wants to broadcast a presentation or talk in real time, extending it to those who have remained outside the venue. For this, giant screens will be an excellent resource.

Launch other cultural and leisure events

Even being in the middle of the digital age, life-long face-to-face events continue to give very good results within any marketing strategy. What’s more, precisely the widespread use of social networks and the connectivity offered by mobile phones and tablets encourage users to echo these events in real time, thus increasing the notoriety of your company and, of course, improving your corporate reputation.

Why not take advantage of it? The options are endless, although the most appropriate choice will depend on the type of business. You can opt, for example, with an opening party —if you are going to open a new establishment—, a talk-colloquium by a relevant speaker in your sector of activity, a sporting event or a tournament —in this case, the screens LED giants can also act as video scoreboards—, summer outdoor movie sessions, a small concert, an open-air play… Furthermore, these last activities are the most appropriate at the present time, since they are the ones that most and they better guarantee the safety of people, as long as all security measures are considered.

Even if you already work in the field of image and sound, you can start up an LED screen rental service, for those companies that require these devices only occasionally.

What should be considered when buying an LED display for events?

When purchasing your LED screen for events, you should consider the following variables:

  • The pixel pitch, which is the distance between the physical pixels that make up the LED module.
  • The minimum screen resolution we need. The resolution of the LED display is determined by the number of pixels. To output videos of acceptable quality, a resolution of at least 50,000 pixels is required. Anything below this can be dangerous, not only because it can cause the commercial message to not reach the public with the desired clarity, but because it can also compromise the brand and company image.
  • The distance between the LED screen and the audience. Although in Visual Led we will advise you according to your needs, here are some guidelines on how to choose an LED screen.

Taking these factors into account, we can calculate the size and LED screen that best suit your needs.