All the uses of Giant LED Displays

It is not by chance that giant LED displays have become a benchmark for the cities in which they are located. As an example, you only have to remember some of the most visited corners of the planet, such as Piccadilly Circus in London or Times Square in New York, to witness the pull that this form of outdoor advertising has. Are you considering incorporating them into your marketing and sales strategy? If so, here are a few uses for giant LED screens that will help you improve your business results.


In recent years, large format displays have established themselves as a cost-effective, reliable, long-lasting and highly effective advertising option. Digital signage products stand out for the excellent image quality they offer and their ability to attract the attention of passers-by.

Various formats of outdoor advertising screens that are currently on the market can help boost and improve brand image. Although companies like Visual Led adapt the size of LED screens to the needs of each client, the most popular giant advertising billboards usually have dimensions ranging from 72 to 156 inches – equivalent to 183 to 399 cm diagonally -, prepared for intensive and continuous use by all types of businesses.

Its technology offers excellent luminosity even in full daylight, as giant displays are up to six times more powerful than conventional LCD televisions. They are also adaptable to any location. Our monitors can be adapted to any space, thanks to the specific assembly system we designed in our factory.

Although in other articles we have already referred to the advantages of advertising LED billboards, it is worth remembering what makes them an excellent ally for any organization.

High definition

Image resolution is not only an indispensable factor when it comes to catching the eye of your potential customer and for them to remember your commercial offer, but also to take care of brand image or branding. Displaying anti-aesthetic images and poor quality videos can dissuade potential buyers from trusting the company, while at the same time it can have a negative impact on its corporate reputation. With giant LED displays, this will never be a problem, as they have been designed to provide the highest definition.

Perfect brightness

One of the characteristics of giant LED displays is that they must operate during daylight hours, that is, in conditions of maximum environmental brightness. To ensure that this is never a problem, LED displays provide maximum light intensity.

They are compatible with the management software

Visual LED’s giant LED panels connect to all existing display networks. In addition, they have integrated management software that allows you to create and schedule the videos you want to broadcast. Its use is intuitive and simple, and no previous technical knowledge is required.

They have a remote control system

Thanks to remote cloud control systems, you can control the operation of giant displays at any time, regardless of where they are installed. This makes it possible to adapt the programming to each moment, always adapting it to the company’s needs. To do this, all you need is an Internet-connected device.


Another important point is the numerous uses of giant LED displays, which stand out for their versatility. Below, we suggest some uses for large format screens.

Advertisements on building facades

Building facades can be an excellent advertising medium, especially when they are in areas of continuous traffic. Since moving images are more effective in capturing the attention of potential buyers, they are a much more useful resource than traditional static billboards.

Shopping malls

Shopping malls are open-air or closed spaces that concentrate a large number of visitors. That is why giant LED displays are very effective in attracting the attention and interest of your visitors. A good idea is to take advantage of this format to publicize news, promotions and offers focused on those products and services whose sales need boosting.

Concerts and shows

Giant screens are perfect for mass events, as they allow those who are farther away from the stage to not miss a single detail of the show. Likewise, it is also an ideal solution for those venues with reduced visibility or angles without vision. They can even be used to complete the show with graphics or video effects, which will enhance the spectators’ experience.

Sports Stadiums

Giant screens in the stadiums and halls are mainly used as sports scoreboards. However, they are also ideal for other uses: e.g. the presentation of line-ups, replays during matches or broadcasting live images via streaming.

Ski resorts

You can also make the most of giant LED displays during Winter. Their uses are multiple: from providing information to skiers about the state of the slopes to announcing upcoming events or other last-minute news, such as partial closures of the facilities, to the weather report or other relevant data.

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