Discover the many uses of indoor LED displays

Imagine yourself rushing to work early in the day, either by car or on foot. Now, try to answer this question: what are the chances of a store window attracting your attention? What’s more, if you have a business, you know that attracting the interest of passers-by is no easy task. Fortunately, LED technology can be the solution. If you want to know what indoor LED displays are for, the following lines contain ideas that can help you boost your sales.

In fact, there are many cases in which indoor LED displays can give products and special offers visibility or simply reinforce brand awareness among your target audience or buyer persona. Thanks to video, these monitors can lure passers-by to enter the store, either by announcing a discount or a new item on the market. Let’s take a look at them.

LED displays for shops and department stores

It is not surprising that LED displays are an unbeatable ally for commercial establishments. A display in a shop window attracts more visitors than a static sideboard, while an in-store LED TV will allow your products to be displayed, which will increase the chances of increasing your sales. The choice of your LED display will depend on the number of hours it is working  each day, as well as the distance between the monitor and potential customers. With them, you will be able to show videos and images of those products you want to sell. Moreover, in the case of Visual Led, the software integrated in all our screens allows you to manage the video broadcast at any time, adapting it time to the needs of the establishment in real.

Do you want to know how to make the most of this resource? Then take a look at these window dressing tips to boost your business.

LED displays for supermarkets

Digital advertising has proven to be very effective in the retail sector, getting consumers to look at specific products or offers. This is not surprising, since the installation of LED displays in large surfaces makes the sale of certain products much easier, without the need of carrying out traditional signage actions. This is especially useful when there is a large stock of perishable foodstuffs to be sold before a certain date. They also make it possible to highlight the various services that the store offers its customers, such as the possibility of taking their purchases home, opening hours on special days, etc.

LED displays for real estate agencies

Placing an LED display in the window of real estate agencies attracts the attention of potential customers much more than traditional signage. Many real estate agencies have already adopted this solution, as it allows them to display many more images of the apartments and houses that are up for sale or rent. The use of Visual Led’s content management system is very simple, allowing the quick uploading of engaging videos and images, as well as the agency’s logo to reinforce the brand image.

LED displays for pharmacies

The use of LED displays for pharmacies is another safe bet. Placing these claims in the shop window, highlighting offers and promotions or news items, can contribute to significantly increase sales. The video content offered by pharmacies for their products is abundant, and advertising screens are the ideal support to spread it. You only have to download the videos and send them to the screen, which you can install in the shop window or inside the pharmacy.

LED screens for medical centers

We have not yet moved away from the field of health, as this sector is also ideal for getting the most out of LED displays.

In the case of clinics, these solutions can improve the user experience in waiting rooms. In addition to contributing to the greater well-being and comfort of patients and their companions, a screen will make it possible to publicize services or disseminate informative or interesting information (for example, advice on preventing certain diseases, healthy habits, etc.). Discover some uses of LED screens for hospitals here.

As for veterinary clinics, the installation of an LED screen in the waiting room will make it possible to inform customers about good practices with regard to their pets. In addition, you can include videos with advice on how to act if pets have a problem, or about products (food, toys, etc.) on sale in the veterinary center. Market studies in several countries have shown the impact of this type of device and its profitability.

LED screens for hairdressers and beauty salons

Forget about archaic posters and signage. Thanks to indoor LED screens, you can easily display the beauty treatments on offer, as well as current promotions. It will also help to convey an image of modernity, an essential aspect in the case of businesses focused on aesthetics and image. Do you want to know more? In that case, take a look at the uses of LED screens for hairdressers and beauty salons.

On the other hand, indoor LED screens are also an excellent ally for parking lots, driving schools, restaurants, discos… No matter what type of establishment it is: at Visual Led, we always offer the most advanced products. In addition, we provide a video content management system, which anyone without previous knowledge can handle easily and quickly.

We also offer courses on the use of this software, so that anyone can generate their own content with professional results, easily and quickly.