Giant led screens: frequently asked questions

It is not the first time that we refer in this blog to the advantages of LED screens for advertising use, which include a brightness, brightness, resolution, colour quality and contrast superior to home televisions. However, and although you probably already know its many benefits over conventional televisions, the initial economic investment may raise some doubts. To clear them and try to advise all interested people, today we answer the most frequently asked questions about giant LED screens.

The questions that follow are a summary of the information most requested by users. However, if you have any other question, remember that you can also contact us freely.

What is an LED screen?

An LED screen is a monitor that uses light-emitting diodes (in English, light-emitting diodes). For more details, we recommend you take a look at this article on LED technology. Due to their long useful life and the good image quality they offer, these screens are commonly used as an advertising medium, both statically and also on an itinerant basis, using private vehicles or public transport.

What is the ideal size for a giant LED screen?

At Visual Led, we manufacture custom LED screens to fully adapt to you and your company. But to guarantee that the broadcast content can be perfectly visible, another variable comes into play here: the number of pixels and the separation between the audience and the screen. Before making your purchase, our experts will advise you on the most suitable characteristics. For example, for a 2 x 3 m screen, a 6 mm pixel should be chosen if the viewers are 7 m away (this is the minimum margin we recommend for a large format screen); 8 mm if placed at 6 m, 16 mm if located at 12 m, etc. Ask us about the most convenient pixel pitch for you.

Of course: we must not lose sight of the fact that the larger the screen, the more impact it will have. On the other hand, a small screen with large text will always attract more attention than a large one with a small font size.

Take a look at this article if you want to know how to choose an LED screen correctly.

What is the useful life of a giant LED screen?

On average, an LED display offers between 80,000 and 120,000 hours of operation.

How much does a giant LED screen cost?

Since in Visual Led we manufacture each screen with a custom size, and with the technical characteristics that the client requests, we do not have a standard price list. Anyway, you can know at the moment the estimated price of the item you need, using our online LED screen price calculator, without obligation. Be that as it may, keep in mind that the cost is now three times cheaper than just a few years ago (also in this case, the technology becomes much more affordable over time).

What uses can I make of a giant LED screen?

One of the many advantages of giant LED screens is their versatility, since they can be used in numerous economic sectors and for countless uses: for advertising purposes, in concerts, for broadcasting sporting events, as a video scoreboard, to broadcast movies. outdoors… If you are looking for ideas, here are some of the many uses of giant LED screens.

Who is in charge of the installation?

Visual Led screens are very light —as well as resistant— and easy to assemble, so that, depending on their dimensions and their location, you can unpack the components yourself and carry out the assembly, only with the help of another person and without the need for technical knowledge, following the instruction manual that we will provide you. This will significantly lower the price of your LED screen. In addition, you will always have a technical service for consultation and maintenance by telephone to clarify any doubt or incident.

Is it safe for LED screens to be outdoors?

It is. Our screens have been specially designed for this, as they are resistant to rain and sudden changes in temperature. However, there are certain limits for temperature and humidity (we will inform you before making your purchase). On the other hand, our products are provided with anti-vandal protection. On the other hand, its performance and display of colours are optimal, even in direct sunlight.

Can I control the contents of my giant LED screen online?

Yes. All our screens can be monitored whenever and wherever you want, from anywhere in the world. You will only need a device with an Internet connection for this. As simple as that!

Is it easy to create and program the content?

Thanks to the integrated software that all our screens incorporate, you have the possibility to easily transmit text, static or moving photos or videos. You will be able to program and reschedule the content at the moment, whenever you wish, to adjust the emissions at every moment, to the circumstances of your stock or to the consumption habits of your buyer persona in each time slot.

In addition, you can create your own content for LED screens without having prior notions of graphic design or programming and obtaining a professional result. With our online courses, we will teach you to make the most of all the resources that we put in your hands. And to become familiar with this area, here are the keys to achieve effective advertising messages. Even so, if you prefer, at Visual Led we also have a creativity service that will generate content for you adapted to your business needs.

Do you want more information? If so, here are more details and tips on how to buy LED advertising displays.