How to buy a LED billboard – All the ins and outs

Nowadays, there are more and more LED billboards in the centers of major cities around the world (Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool, London, Tokyo, New York …). This is motivated because conventional advertising is not very effective and companies need new advertising media, more modern, effective and that creates a larger impact.

Therefore, the purchase of a giant LED screen is justified if what we want is to draw the attention of our potential customer. However, even if you are clear on your decision, some doubts may arise regarding how to buy a LED billboard, which is why Visual Led wants to solve all your questions.


As this product’s sales are growing, there are many companies that are incorporating this type of LED screens in their general catalog to take advantage of the pull and current demand, which causes many of these companies do not have a professional knowledge of the product and be simple resellers of LED screens.

Thus, customers are faced with a large choice and with such a remarkable difference in prices that it may raise doubts about the correct choice of the desired giant LED screen. Therefore, they often ask us what to consider when someone wants to buy a LED billboard.

Our recommendation is to always rely on experts who are exclusively dedicated to the manufacture and sale of this product, precisely so you can have an answer for each of your questions before, during and after the purchase process.

The space needed for your advertising LED screen

Whether you want to put it in a shop window or on the roof of a building or in a shopping center, it is important that to consider the space you have available. This will not only determine the effectiveness of the product but also the price of a LED billboard. So, measure the area thoroughly (height, width and length) and write it down in millimeters, which is the unit with which these monitors are measured.

Will it be for outdoor or indoor use?

When you think about where you are going to put your new billboard, you must take into account if this place is going to be indoors or outdoors, since it will also influence the final price. If, on the one hand, your luminous signs have to be installed in an outdoor area, you will surely need them to be covered by a waterproof layer or for them to have an anti-vandalism system, so that they can always be in operation.

On the other hand, even if your LED sign is inside, if the place where you want to put it has a high incidence of sunlight, you should also consider the purchase of high brightness screens.

How far away do you want it to be seen?

Knowing how far you want your screen to be seen will determine what pixel size you need. Knowing the desired measurements of your monitor and the distance at which you want it to be seen, you can calculate how large the pixels will have to be. Thus, you will always get the desired results.

What kind of content do you want to play?

Do you know that there are many ways to play content on LED billboards? Depending on your needs when buying a LED advertising screen, you should have one or the other. For example, if you know that you are going to connect more than one device to your screen (computers, tablets, etc.), you should choose a synchronous player, while if you want to program and modify the images that are reproduced remotely, it is best to go for an asynchronous player.

Will it be for your own use or to rent out?

Companies renting audiovisual products or organizing shows may decide to rent LED screens for events and shows. In this case, when buying a LED billboard, you must take into account how easy it is to be put together and dismantled, both to save time and so it can be handled by multiple people. In addition, rental LED screens should be well protected and easily transported.

What will the purchase process be like?

So that you know exactly how to buy a LED billboard, we explain the step-by-step purchasing process.

  1. Asking for your quote. If you are clear on the features that you want your billboards or luminous signs, you can ask for a personalized quote, which will give you an approximate figure of the total cost. Accept the budget with Visual Led to complete your acquisition.
  2. Manufacturing process. To be up to date on how the construction of your LED billboard is going, you will be able to follow the whole process day by day, from the construction, the verification and even the day in which the screen will be delivered.
  3. Transportation. If you are in European territory, a land transport vehicle will move to the address indicated on the agreed date to deliver your new LED billboard. In the case of transoceanic shipments, it will be maritime transport, unless it is an urgent shipment, in which case it will be sent by air transport.
  4. Start-up. Once we have delivered the LED monitor, you will not be alone. Visual LED will help you to start it up with the help of integrated manuals and, when you have finished the assembly, one of our technicians will verify that everything works correctly.


At Visual Led, we can provide you with a lot of information about our LED screens, since we have been working exclusively on the design and manufacture of giant LED screens for more than 10 years. We have always believed that, in order to be true professionals, you need to specialize in specific technological products, so our LED screens are a reference in professional advertising uses and offered at a real market price, without strategies filled with commercial margins.

Thus, we wanted to share everything you need to know about how to buy an LED billboard or screen and let you know we are available to solve any of your doubts about this topic. Do not keep it to yourself!