How to choose a luminous sign

Like many technology companies, Visual Led has also been a start-up. For this reason, we know first hand to what extent it is important to make an investment profitable, especially in the first years of the company. And although on other occasions we have already given some clues on how to choose the best LED screen, this time we want to focus on what must be taken into account when choosing a luminous label (let’s not forget that, after all, this is the presentation of any business).
We know that choosing this claim is not always easy. In fact, entrepreneurs have to analyse a large number of competing technologies, ambiguous marketing terms, complex technical sheets … Here are some tips for you to choose the advertising signs and signs that best suit the characteristics of your business.
Before analysing what must be taken into account when choosing a luminous sign, we want to highlight that there is no perfect LED sign or, as in other product categories, “the best advertising sign at this time”. The reason is that the quality of a sign also depends on the form and conditions in which it is to be displayed. Despite everything, it is possible to establish some rules to pay attention to certain criteria, so that your purchase is a complete success. We summarise them below.

How to choose a luminous sign according to the viewing distance

This is the first question you should ask yourself when buying your LED sign. The answer will depend on the distance between the screen and the audience, a fundamental aspect that also requires choosing the right pixel. For short distances, as in the case of illuminated signs, a pixel of 8 mm may be the ideal option, although it should not be overlooked that the smallest pixels are the most expensive. To find out which would be the ideal choice in your case, ask us without obligation or, if you prefer, follow these guidelines on how to choose the pixelation of an LED screen.
Of course: if you hesitate between two measures, we recommend that you always opt for the largest label, since we are increasingly used to large-format televisions. For example, the average number of home TVs currently sold is around 50 inches, while the proportion of 65-inch or larger models increases faster than other sizes.
The size of the label and its definition — that is, its ability to deliver sharp photos or video images — are two key variables in calculating its resolution.. It is this last measurement that defines the optimal distance at which the label should be displayed. In general, it will be necessary to leave at least 1.5 m between the location of the sign and passers-by. To find the ideal separation, however, check out everything you need to know about the viewing distance of LED displays.

Why choose an LCD or LED sign?

After defining the location of your luminous sign, it is time to consider which technology to choose: LCD or LED. Although both are based on liquid crystal displays, the fundamental difference between the two lies in the form of lighting. While the former uses fluorescent lamps to illuminate the panel, the latter uses LEDs (light-emitting diode).
Both LED screens and LCD screens offer unbeatable brightness, even during daylight hours or with direct sunlight. However, it must be remembered that the useful life of LEDs is longer: while LCD screens can work for about 60,000 hours, the LED can last up to 100,000 hours. Anyway, both LCD and LED are more durable and efficient than neon lights.
In Visual Led, regardless of the technology chosen, all outdoor screens are resistant to rain, sudden changes in temperature and other atmospheric agents, in addition to having anti-vandal protection.
On the other hand, we must not lose sight of the fact that this luminous sign should attract the attention of passers-by, standing out above the rest of the competitors. This, however, will be very easy for you thanks to the impact images and videos that you can create and program yourself, thanks to the software that all our LCD or LED screens incorporate. For this, it is not necessary to have prior knowledge, since we organise online courses that allow you to acquire all the notions necessary to create content with a professional result. Even if you prefer, our creativity team can also be in charge of generating multimedia content adapted to your business.
Finally, remember that illuminated signs must also clearly show the corporate identity and brand or brands of your company, and transmit simple and direct messages. In the case of digital signs, you can combine the issuance of the name and logo of the establishment – which would be the function of the luminous signs of all life, such as vinyls, corporeal letters, a methacrylate sign … – with offers, promotions and discounts. You can even take advantage to display your products and services in a much more striking way. Our recommendation is that you do not stop using the psychology of colour to generate interest and, at the same time, invite potential clients to enter.
Already inside the store, the installation of indoor advertising screens, either in mupi format or in any other, can give the final push to encourage visitors to buy. Make it stand out on your facade!