How to create an engaging video

Did you know that, according to several studies, 90% of users say that seeing a product or service on video has been decisive in completing their purchase? This data may seem surprising, but, considering that 80% of users can remember a video ad they have seen 30 days ago; it should not come as a shock. At this point, few question the effectiveness of video compared to other media, but how to create an engaging video? In VisualLED, experts in LED displays, we want to offer some help so that you can present videos that remain in the memory of your potential audience when you play them on billboards or digital signage.

Think about the audience you are targeting

Do you know what a buyer persona is? Do you know your customers well? This is the first step to create an effective outdoor advertising message. Think about the profile of people who use your product or service, their preferences and what qualities they like about your product. From here, you can decide on the content that your engaging video should have. It is not the same to speak to a young audience than to middle-aged people, right?

Animation or real image?

One of the questions that may arise when creating an engaging video is the format of the type of content played. This choice will be closely linked to your target, so there are pros and cons to choose both animation and real-life images.

Although it is clear that animation will appeal to younger audiences, it is also true that animation is a good tool to express complex ideas in a simple way. Thus, if the product or service is a novelty and your audience need to learn about its specific use, showing a step by step process with an animation can be a good idea to convey the message.

On the other hand, as we have already said, seeing a product or service in action is a great determinant for people to convince themselves that your brand is the most suitable. In addition, real image is a good option if what you want is to transmit real cases in which the users of your product or service are satisfied with it. Taking into account that, according to some market studies, the most efficient type of advertisement is the one that transmits real opinions, this option stands out as a good choice to play an advertisement on your digital LED signboards.

Include a call to action

In order for the viewer to be very clear about what is expected from him, it is important that you include a clear and concise claim in your video. This should encourage people to perform a specific action: sign up, buy now, take advantage of this offer, join … Make the user feel complicit and attracted to your brand through graphics that are perfectly visible and, if possible, play this message towards the end of the video so it is the last thing that they have to process.

Duration of an engaging video

Equally important as what is mentioned above is the tempo of your video. The first issue to deal with in this case is the total duration of it. Nowadays, people’s attention span has decreased substantially since the appearance of social networks, so, even though the maximum time of an ad should not exceed 30 seconds, you should try to transmit all your message with the necessary time to make it very clear, without lengthening too much or falling short.

To know how to calculate it, you must keep in mind that the first few seconds will be key to capturing the attention of your potential audience, so, in order to create an engaging video, it is important for the beginning to deliver.

Another point to consider is the duration of each shot or image, which should last a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 seconds. It is also important for each image to express a single idea, and that it has complete coherence with the image of your brand and what you are trying to communicate.

Choose the right shades of color

Do you know about the psychology of color? According to this theory, colors are related to emotions and human behavior. Given that the emotional aspect is very important to appeal to your audience, taking into account the colors and tones of your video will also be important for the impact to have the desired effect. Although each color is linked to specific emotions, it should be noted that images with warm tones will be better received than cold tones.

Play with your surroundings and / or humor

When it comes to creating engaging videos for businesses and digital advertising screens, a good way to capture user attention is to play with them. Take advantage of the space in which the screen is located so that the surrounding environment is related to the images that are played. Another option to appeal to your audience in an original way is to use humor. A funny message that makes your potential client feel good will have more options to be remembered, and for much longer.

Choose the right platform so that your video has the desired engagement

With all the factors that we have explained to you to create an engaging video, it is important that it reaches the right people. Diversify the platforms where your video is played, so that the user keeps the message in the memory both when walking on the street and when watching a video online. For this reason, choosing LED screens for advertising is always a good option. To be effective, it is important to decide where to place your LED screens, including whether it will be played indoors or outdoors, on a street or road, etc.

The advantages of advertising LED billboards are many, and for this reason, VisualLED offers you the best products for outdoor and indoor digital video broadcasting with the quality you are looking for. Do you have any questions about our products? Contact VisualLED whenever you want, our team of professionals is at your disposal for any clarification.