How to sell more with LED screens

The usefulness of advertising LED panels is beyond doubt. There is a reason why the most famous illuminated signs have accompanied us for so many decades, to the point of being one of the main attractions of cities such as New York, Las Vegas, London or Shanghai. Its colour palette, its luminosity and the strength of moving images are just some of the reasons that explain its success. Now, how to sell more with LED screens? So that you too can get the most out of this advertising resource, today we want to share with you on our blog some practical tips.

1. Adopting the LED coincides with big presentations or launches

The presentation of a new logo, the opening of a store or establishment, the launch of a revolutionary product , etc. The novelties are even more striking if they come from the hand of another: for example, the premiere of a giant LED screen or a luminous sign. This will help the brand to differentiate itself from its competitors and enhance buzz marketing —that is, traditional word of mouth— through an innovative and impressive advertising channel. This type of support, together with an advertising campaign based on original content and created ad hoc, will be an excellent ally to capture the attention of buyer persona.
On the other hand, beyond the brand or the address of a store, digital signs also allow communication of opening hours, promotions, sales flash, etc .

2. Personalise your companies and content

Although it is not always easy to predict how marketing will evolve in the medium and long term, there is a trend that goes for more: personalisation. One of the recent reports certifying this drift is The State of the Connected Client, produced by Salesforce Research. According to the same, half of the interviewed people assure that they will probably change the brand if it does not anticipate their needs. In addition, respondents say they expect immediate, personalised and proactive contact from companies.
Expectations against which advertising LED screens can offer excellent performance. To do this, program your content adapting it to consumers who view your advertising in each time slot (for example, students and professionals who go to work first thing in the morning, parents who accompany their children to school around 09: 00h, young people who go out at night on weekends, etc.). In this way, you will achieve a greater impact, also making the profitability of your campaigns even worse.
Adjust your offers and communication in real time according to the different times of the day or year: promoting products for breakfast, in the morning, announcing pay TV or other leisure options at home on rainy days or in winter, etc. We assure you that the results are incredible.

3. Bet on originality

Neuromarketing studies are emphatic: our brain retains much better what is out of the ordinary. Although you always need the spark of creativity, LED fences are a fertile ground to spark your imagination. There are no barriers to inventiveness. Proof of this is the outdoor advertising campaign launched in 2013 by the British Airways airline and the Ogilvy 12th Floor advertising agency. The idea received unanimous applause from the sector: the LED displays, located at strategic points such as Picadilly Circus or Chiswick, in London, interacted with the British Airways aircraft that were flying over them. These digital screens, equipped with surveillance technology capable of detecting aircraft, showed the image of a child every time an airplane passed over the fence, pointing the finger at this means of air transport. Here, more than ever, the well-known English saying The sky’s the limit (‘the sky is the limit’) was realised.
Although it is clear that not all companies have the same budget as this British company, we assure you that implementing a provocative and creative proposal is within the reach of anyone. The only rule is that there are no rules when it comes to innovating. Do you dare to do the test? We assure you that opting for this strategy is important to sell more with LED screens.

4. Provide relevant and valuable information (even if it is foreign to your brand)

More and more companies are embracing corporate social responsibility. And not only for branding issues, but also for conviction and social commitment. Hence, many carry out actions that go beyond strictly advertising content. Thus, communicating useful and relevant information – for example, news, the weather forecast or the cultural agenda of the city in which the LED screen is installed – will not only be an invaluable help to the general public, but it will also develop a feeling of recognition and gratitude to the company, which could translate into a first purchase or even the loyalty of many people. In this case, keep in mind that, according to various studies, getting a new customer is seven times more expensive than loyalty to existing ones. Of course: do not forget to include your brand logo in a visible place on the screen!

5. Adapt the content to your sales strategy

Unlike what happens with advertising spaces and traditional signage, digital advertising offers as its main advantage the possibility of changing the contents at any time, thus adapting them to the sales needs of each product or service. Therefore, if you have LED screens in shopping centres, they can serve to advertise those products whose stock you want to give a faster commercial outlet. In these cases, it is advisable to emphasise that there are few units left for sale, appeal to the urgency —for example, highlight that a promotion ends in a few days—, use 2 x 1 campaigns, etc. Professional LED monitors can be installed seamlessly in the window, even in direct sunlight – video images will look perfect. Make your message reach more people!

6. Create synergies with social networks

With LED advertising screens, it is possible to create unique, new and impactful experiences with your target audience. For example, the profiles of the main social networks —Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.— can help spread your large-format campaigns. In addition, from the display itself, you can include hashtags or slogans that encourage Internet users to viralize your content on social networks. Or even create a prize or reward to reward fans of the brand for carrying out a certain action on the Internet: discounts on their next purchase, participating in a raffle, a gift for purchases over a certain amount, shipping to free address, etc. Definitely, this will improve your sales and increase your profits.
These are just some of our tricks and recommendations to sell more with LED screens. Do you have any other in mind but you are not clear how to put it into practice? If so, call us at (+34) 977 271 074, send us an email to or fill out our contact form. At Visual Led, we will be happy to guide you and advise you, without any commitment on your part, to give your sales and your business image the boost they need, as we have been doing since 2003.