Recommendations to design an LED advertising sign

As we have already mentioned on some occasions, the advantages of LED billboards, as well as other similar advertising supports, are almost impossible to sum up: savings, durability, more options when personalizing the message… However: in order for this resource to be effective, you should not miss these recommendations to designing an LED sign.
Although digital advertising does not have the limitations of static advertising, you must follow a series of guidelines when creating your messages and claims. Here are some guidelines.

Address yourself to your potential customer

Although some people prefer to talk about the target audience, in the world of marketing there is a growing tendency to use the term buyer persona, or potential customer(s), when referring to those people who you want to impact through an advertising action. To achieve this, the message has to be thought out ad hoc, analyzing which of their needs and interests can move them to buy the advertised product and not another similar one. The LED sign and its content must be designed according to these needs.
Here is where one of the most common mistakes in a marketing strategy lies: wanting to reach everyone, thus neglecting those potential consumers who are more likely to choose the product or service that advertiser is offering. The result can be summed up perfectly in this saying: he who covers all does not embrace much.

Take care of the message as much as possible

Although the graphic aspects tend to be more visually attractive, it is the text that will provide the specific coordinates of the product or service being advertised. Besides offering clear and direct textual information, another variable will allow it to be effective: allowing the recipient to remember it. According to a recent study, an average person receives around 3,000 advertising stimuli a day. Bearing this in mind, it is clear that it is not easy to stand out in this chaotic jungle of inputs.
In any case, that does not mean that it is impossible. To be successful, you have to answer the basic questions about the product -what it is, what it’s for, where you buy it, for how long, etc.-, stick to the three pillars of communication -clarity, simplicity and brevity- and wrap everything up with a touch of originality. As we have already referred to this question, here is a summary of how to create an effective outdoor advertising message.

Pay attention to the typography used in your LED sign

At first glance, the choice of typeface may seem to be a purely aesthetic issue. However, we assure you that this is not the case. For example, dry-stick or sans-serif fonts – that is, with no end caps – are easier to read. This is an aspect that must be taken into account, especially if we choose to include moving images in the illuminated sign.

…and spelling

Although it is possible that an over or under check may not alter the understanding of the message, we cannot say that the brand image is immune to this type of mistake. An advertising message not only conveys information about products and services, but also about the way a company works and its business culture. Therefore, a spelling mistake can be interpreted by those who see the LED sign as a symptom of sloppiness and little concern for small details. This is very bad news if you want the person who sees the advertising sign or luminous sign to reach the end of the purchase cycle. An investment in this aspect will never be a waste of money.

Play with the psychology of color

In other posts, we have talked about the psychology of color, understood as the effects that certain tonalities have not only on the receiver’s state of mind, but also on his actions. Let’s look at an example: according to research, when someone eats from a plate whose colors are similar to those of the food it contains, up to 30% larger portions are served, compared to those who use plates whose color contrasts with that of the food.
This explains why it is important to pay attention to the colors used and how they are combined, in order to make the buyer more willing to act on the advertiser’s business goals. This is definitely another recommendation to design an LED sign that should not be overlooked. Of course, in signage, it is also useful to take the visibility and the aesthetic effect into account.

Use engaging images

Returning to the avalanche of advertising claims to which users are constantly subjected, it is not surprising that it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture the attention of passers-by who have already seen almost everything. Here too, originality will be the best asset to attract their interest. And all this without losing sight of the fact that moving images are more effective than static images – take advantage of this perk of LED advertising over conventional signage! And if you want to get it right, don’t miss out on these tips to create an engaging video.

Pay attention to the visual hierarchy of the design

Just as important as the elements of the message is the hierarchy of the design, that is: the relationship established between the text and the images that make it up. One of the ways to define it is through the dimensions of the different elements -the larger they are, the more relevant they are to the target audience- and through their scale, which is the size in relation to the rest of the elements of the ad.
Thus, if you are interested in highlighting the price of the product, try to enhance its importance through the use of large numbers, which may even compete with the image of the product or service offered. On the other hand, if you really want to show a commercial novelty, the photograph of the item in question should take the lead.

Don’t forget to include your brand

It is no secret that products tend to become more and more similar to each other, as companies tend to imitate those that work best. Good evidence of this can be found in cable TV and on-demand platforms, or in the features of smart phones.
For those who see your LED advertising sign, make sure that your business brand – consisting of the symbol and logo – appears on the LED sign. Does your company not yet have one? Then check out these tips to create a good logo.
Too many recommendations to design an effective LED advertising sign? If so, we can help you, as we have a creative department that can advise you or even take over this function so that you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business. Let us take care of the content for your ads and get ready to optimize your budget even more.