Why Choose LED Advertising Displays

The advertising business is evolving at an amazing speed. Consumers are rapidly changing their purchasing habits and marketing experts are constantly redesigning advertising campaigns to capture their attention. In this sense, LED advertising displays have become one of the most effective tools to attract buyers and enhance brand image (branding).   
At the same time, advertisers and IT specialists are working to offer technological solutions to broadcast content on LED screens. This is an indispensable task, since it is hardly useful to have the best digital signage – also known as dynamic digital signage or multimedia digital signage, which is an advertising format based on the broadcast of digital content through devices such as screens, touch panels, projectors or totems – if you do not have good devices to play the content on. 

What are the advantages of LED advertising displays?

In many cities, it is not uncommon to see LED displays in shops, facades and posts, offering informative, advertising or entertainment content. However: what are the advantages of the proliferation of LED advertising displays in recent years?   
Firstly, LED screens have a greater power of attraction than conventional advertising media, such as billboards, canvases or illuminated methacrylate. LED displays allow broadcasting of dynamic images, attracting more attention from passers-by. In recent years, LED technology has been greatly improved to reproduce with high definition. This means that traditional signage goes unnoticed when competing with a dynamic image.   
On the other hand, LED displays can constantly change the content broadcast and adapt it to the interests of each business, depending on the time of day, the day of the week or the season. Since traditional signage often requires content to be replaced, there is no doubt that this entails a high design, layout, printing and installation cost. In the case of an LED display, the contrary is true. We can change the contents daily to our taste or needs without the intervention of other professionals.  
Advertising analysts have confirmed that an LED screen attracts more attention from passers-by than a traditional advertising poster, whether made of paper, canvas or other supports. In addition, the LED screen promotes brand recall, both in terms of the amount of information retained and its duration.    
Another remarkable advantage is the great diversity of uses of LED advertising displays. On the one hand, they are used as advertising supports to publicize products or services, but can also enhance brand awarenessThis is why the most important firms in all economic sectors invest in this type of device.  
Sports facilities can use them as video scoreboards, to broadcast advertising or live games. The world of sport is an area in which LEDs have considerable potential. The same is true for outdoor activities such as athletics, cycling tours, team sports tournaments, broadcasting of sporting events and street races.  
The advantages continue when setting up and dismantling them. This is something that those who choose to rent LED displays know very well. These devices can be used in all kinds of specific events: sporting events, as we have seen above, or in hotels, showrooms, multi-sector fairs, campsites, party halls, concerts, etc.  
In short, the countless uses we can give it when broadcasting content on a LED display make it the best option for letting a wide audience know the content we want. 

Uses of LED displays for advertising in cities

If we walk through the centre of any large city, such as Los Angeles, New York or London, we will see giant LED advertising displays located in numerous spaces, whether they be public places – squares, roundabouts, streets, avenues… – or the facades of emblematic buildings. All this without forgetting those LED displays located in shop windows.   
But this has gone even further: thanks to companies like Visual Led, which offer this type of advertising devices to small and medium enterprises, we can find LED advertising displays in shops in different sectors, such as pharmacies, beauty centres, dental clinics or any other type … In short, this is a good solution for establishments that can use these LED screens to publicize their products and services among current and future customers.   
With the right digital signage, the owner of a LED display can send advertising messages or information in outdoor areas too, thanks to the high luminosity of these devices, which allows the content to be displayed in sunlight. This feature displaces other media such as conventional monitors or televisions, which cannot broadcast properly when the sun shines directly on them.  
The contents that we can broadcast on these LED displays are very diverse: videos, advertising messages, photographs, news, and general information… For this reason, they are particularly useful both for companies that make video ads and for public entities, such as town halls, which want to offer specific and timely information to citizens. This is precisely one of the pillars of smart cities. For this to work, the location of the informative LED displays must be done in strategic points of the municipality. In this way, they can be seen by a large number of people, so the impact of communication will be greater.  
For locations on urban roads, it is important to have adequate support so that the screen is at a height where pedestrians and drivers can see the contents correctly. These may relate to air quality, traffic jams or congestion, the presence of streets cut off by roadwork or traffic accidents, as well as any other information that may help local authorities to disseminate their communications. 

Using indoor LED displays in shops

We are used to seeing the use of giant LED screens in movies or in big cities that, when located on facades, stand out for their bright colours and dynamic images. However, indoor LED displays are also widely used in shops.  
The presence of LED displays in shop windows generates a very effective attraction among potential buyers. By displaying a variety of eye-catching content means that, without giving us any, our attention is drawn to the moving images.   
Once we have captured the attention of our potential client, we want them to enter our establishment and feel comfortable to make their purchases. In this field, the use of indoor LED displays improves the shopping experience. During the client’s time spent in our establishment, we can help, inform and suggest products, indicating or highlighting the information we want: offers, discounts, special prices, etc.  
In addition, LED displays also offer another remarkable function: entertainment. These digital devices, for example, can entertain children while their parents are shopping. They can also play a remarkable role in queues, in the food preparation area or next to cash registers and counters.  
No matter its use, we can improve the experience in our establishment and, on the other hand, reinforce the advertising of those products whose sales we wish to promote at each moment. Remember that with the content reproduction software we can program adverts by time slots according to our needs, which can favour the acquisition of a certain article, by someone who is watching the screen at that time.  
We can place LED displays in commercial premises in several locations. They are usually placed outdoors as digital advertising signage, replacing the old methacrylate posters or single-colour screens, which are technologically obsolete. The measures of the LED screens are adapted to the current regulations, both in size and luminosity. In addition, the brightness can be regulated, to adjust it to the amount of light at different times of the day.   
Once inside, one of the preferred places is the shop windows, where we can give information about our products, while giving the impression of being a modern company that adapts to new technologies. In this sense, Visual Led offers a customized product, both in size and colour of the furniture to be integrated into the decoration of the establishment’s decor. Finally, we attend to different petitions to incorporate supports that are well integrated with the style of the business. 

How to take advantage of LED advertising displays?

It is very common to find LED displays for advertising in the establishments where we make our usual purchases, both in shopping malls or smaller stores. We also find these audiovisual devices in all sectors, such as clothing stores, restaurants, pharmacies, bakeries, fruit shops or gyms.  
On these screens, content related to the products offered by this business is played, as well as advertisements related to some of its most exclusive brands. Much of this content is provided by the business’ own product supplier. To a lesser extent, the person in charge of the premises is responsible for preparing the content, with their own staff or with external and more experienced staff in editing videos or professional photography.  
From the moment that customers enter the business premises, it is of the utmost importance that the stay and the shopping experience is a good one, as it will largely depend on them obtaining a positive perception of the experience, repeating that purchase and giving good references of this establishment to their family, friends or acquaintances (buzz marketing). In other words, they should become brand spokespeople.   
The best option to achieve this is to focus the content on improving communication with customers, reporting on offers, discounts and promotions and news about products and services we offer.   
To do this, we must think about what content may be of interest to our customers in advanceand the time they usually spend on average in the store to make their purchases. So, if we establish that the average is 5 minutes, it will not make sense to add a 20-minute video with information that you will not see in its entirety. It will be more accurate to launch, in these 5 minutes that we have calculated, the highest number of advertising impacts for the customer to see and make a purchase decision during this limited time.   
It is important that the contents are dynamic and attractive to keep the customer’s attention. Avoiding content that is saturated with information causes rejection among the audience: nobody wants to see a video standing up and waiting for it to end up in an establishment where they have gone to buy a product. Do you want to know more? If so, don’t miss our tips to create content for LED displays 
On the other hand, if the information offered on these LED displays provides additional information related to the purchase you want to make, i.e. which will not be obvious selling claims, the visitor can fix their gaze and attention on the screen for a few moments. For example, content with advice that argues the use of certain sports shoes to avoid injuries when running will make the visitor focus on the health benefits and not so much on the sale of those shoes. It is best to alternate the interesting content for customers with sales and promotions of the products. In this way, we will capture the user’s attention for longer.  
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