The continuous exposure of users to video content – without doubt, the star format in social networks and instant messaging services, such as WhatsApp or Telegram – explain why conventional luminous signs have become obsolete. Even more so when it comes to visually unattractive products and items that, in addition, are subject to advertising restrictions, such as the case in question. Hence, LED screens for off licenses have become an essential ally for this type of establishment.


Neuromarketing studies show that dynamic images are those that achieve the greatest impact on its recipients. This circumstance, together with the enormous commercial offer in large cities -and which makes it difficult to stand out from competitors-, explains why LED screens for off licenses can become an efficient and profitable solution to increase the visibility of any business.


Luckily, current technology allows us to overcome the limitations of traditional advertising media, through modern, dynamic, effective and much more economical advertising.


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The strict regulation of tobacco and alcohol advertising makes it extremely difficult to give visibility to off licenses. However, when well used, outdoor LED screens for off licenses can help to overcome this stumbling block.


One of its advantages is its versatility, since, in addition to the name of the shop, digital LED signs also allow you to offer information of interest or advertisements, such as sales or promotions. Although this is not valid in the case of alcohol and tobacco, the truth is that the off licenses not only sell products related to this, but usually combine this offer with other types of services: for example, daily press, stationery or lotteries. Thus, it is possible to present information such as the lottery’s winning numbers, the opening hours or the latest news and discounts on other products on offer. This can be a claim to encourage people that pass in front of the store. All this without forgetting that they are the perfect substitute for those conventional paper posters, to be more environmentally-friendly and allow a substantial saving in time and money.


LED banners for off licenses are especially useful for those stores that are in heavily transited areas. When placed perpendicular to the facade of the premises, they greatly increase the visibility of the establishment, which would probably go unnoticed by pedestrians in another way. These resources, unlike conventional luminous signs, also allow to broadcast multiple contents in a single space.


Do you need rental LED screens for specific events? In that case, Visual Led can help you out. All the models that we offer are extremely light -and resistant too-, which greatly facilitates any LED screen’s transportation and installation. On the other hand, the models included in our catalog are self-sufficient, so two people will be enough to complete the installation. An advantage that will help reduce costs too.

Visual Led’s outdoor LED displays are rainproof and have been designed to withstand atmospheric agents and temperature changes, thus ensuring great durability.


In addition to choosing outdoor advertising, in Visual Led we know that the large number of existing commercial establishments requires looking for complementary resources that increase the visibility of the products for sale among potential buyers. In that sense, LED screens in shop windows are a success.


Broadcasting dynamic videos and images will capture the interest of passersby and will make certain items that are not very attractive at first sight, such as desk accessories or similar, stand out for potential clients and encourage them to come in the store. Although some businesses go for traditional LED or LCD TVs, we must not forget that their dimensions tend to be inconvenient. Also, the luminosity they offer is much lower, especially during daylight hours, when sunlight hits the screen. Only professional LED monitors can provide the highest image quality.


Once inside the establishment, Visual Led offers you other products that will help reinforce the commercial message and give the final push for visitors to acquire a product or service. With indoor LED screens and digital LED posters, purchase possibilities will multiply.

Another advantage of indoor LED screens for off licenses is that they can be managed and programmed from a single control panel and from a distance, which will significantly speed up the process. And that’s not all: thanks to the software integrated in Visual Led’s LED screens for off licenses, anyone without prior knowledge of computer science or graphic design can create effective multimedia content with a professional quality, without hiring the services of an advertising agency.


Quick and easy: enter your specifications and get a quote in real time


At Visual Led, we have been working since 2003 to adjust as much as possible to your demands, business needs and budget. That’s why we design all our customized LED screens, depending on whether they are for exterior or interior use, dimensions or type of pixel. If you are considering buying a LED screen and you want to obtain an approximate budget, you just have to enter the dimensions you need in our LED screen price calculator, free of charge.


And if you want to generate high-quality, striking content, but you do not have the knowledge, you can also book our online courses, with which you can get the most out of your LED screen.

For more information about our LED screens for off licenses or our technical service, you just have to contact us. We will assist you and guide you to help your business take off.