Informative LED screen Digital signage panel
Screen size Customizable size long x height: 1230 x 2340mm
Pixelated screen Customizable pixelated P4.9mm
Format Horizontal - Panoramic Vertical
HIGH Brightness
Structure included
Video broadcast
Photos, logos and texts display


Informative screens are becoming a popular element in the urban environment. LED screens are the best source to obtain relevant information quickly and easily, without slowing down the incredible fast pace of any big metropolis.


Papers, poster and temporary billboards are not practical. They are expensive and can only be used once before becoming obsolete. Static advertising is a waste of resources and is being replaced by digital LED screens.


We live in a time of a great technological revolution. We are connected all the time, and that small detail has made a huge difference. Our world is evolving, developing and growing. However, in some cities, those changes are not evident, everything seems to be as it was years ago.


Nevertheless, this apparent stagnation is going to change pretty soon. Digital informative panels have a growing popularity, that will ensure that every citizen can have access to relevant information. Providing a community with information in an immediate and effective way is a revolution in itself, that will lead us toward a new concept of intelligent cities: “SmartCities”.


Placing posters and banners on lampposts or gluing papers on the walls are not considered an effective advertising strategy within the SmartCity concept promoted by a lot of institutions.


On the other hand, informative LED screens are an innovative product, that sets aside other conventional media in the city. Advertising in LED screens is more effective and environmentally friendly.

  • Provides dynamic and immediate information
  • Eye-catching, visible even in broad daylight
  • Centralized control. Manage your entire network of informative screen
  • Customized size screens with unique features
  • Quick return on investment through ad broadcasting.