Everything you need to know to broadcast content on LED advertising screens


Giant LED screens use software to reproduce and program the digital signage shown on them. Chinese LED screens often use Led Studio (Ledstudio) and NovaStar (NovaLCT-Mars / SmartLCT / NovaLCT-Pluto / NovaStudio), these softwares have quite basic functions but with the advantage of being free.

In Visual Led we take a step further and offer you professional systems like our PUBLIWEB or our combined synchronous / asynchronous system CRYSTAL SERIES. Our clients are professional advertising companies and therefore require professional remote and remote control systems with a large capacity for content design for LED screens.

Rental LED screens for stands and conventions are LED panels capable of reproducing high resolution images and videos with a luminosity superior to other devices, such as traditional monitors and projectors that do not allow correct content visualization, either due to lack of luminosity or annoying reflections on their screens. In this way, you will get an unbeatable lighting.

Rental screens are perfect for professionals who take part in congresses or exhibitions, and who need screens that are easily transportable and light to facilitate transport from one location to another, as well as assembly.


Digital signage on LED screens is in one of its best moments because many companies start to have numerous giant LED screens. The management of a fleet of LED advertising screens requires advanced systems to manage your information quickly and dynamically. In the market there is a large amount of digital signage software, but all of them are very adapted to conventional TV screens and do not adapt to the requirements of giant LED screens.

Do you want to know more about digital signage?

In Visual Led we have clients with large fleets of advertising LED screens. Therefore, we have developed a professional digital signage system, totally adapted to giant LED screens. Our PUBLIWEB management system allows hundreds of screens to be controlled from the same control console.

With our system you can:

  • Monitor content that is being played and its status in each of the screens. Modify your advertising and announcements individually or in groups.
  • Stream live content
  • Notify announcements in real time.
  • Manage the advertising issued to generate and calculate your profit, content editors, performance statistics, access to the multiplatform system (Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS …)