• OTHERS
      • Factory direct competitive prices See manufacturing
      • Our business vision is to offer competitive prices so most of the companies can access to led screens. That is why we do without intermediaries and directly control the manufacture of our screens.

      • Instant online budgets See online calculator
      • Most sellers will take a few days to budget a simple led screen. In Visual Led we have worked to offer online prices immediately with our price calculator.

      • LED SCREENS self-adjustable See assembly of led screens
      • Our screens are designed to be easily assembled and installed. Follow our installation guide and contact us if you have any questions. With Visual Led you can save up to thousands of Euros by doing it yourself.

      • NO maintenance fees See sales policies
      • Visual Led does not include clauses for periodic payments added after the sale of the screen. Other sellers link the sale to a maintenance contract that involves additional annual or monthly payments.

      • Driver software included in the price See control systems
      • All our screens include software that allows you to control the screen and play content from a PC. We also offer other control options at the hardware and software level.

      • Exclusive services in our client area See services
      • When buying a screen with us we will give access to our portal of exclusive services for clients. From there you will have access to: order tracking, downloads, technical information, direct support, among others.

      • 15 years experience in the sector
      • Visual Led has been manufacturing screens and selling them all over the world for 15 years. Our experience allows us to supply led screens of any size to all types of customers, from small businesses to large corporations.

      • own technical support Contact technical support
      • There are many sellers who have to send their screens to repair outside of Spain. In Visual Led we have our own electronics laboratory with professional technicians specialized in our products

      • Access to training See our training courses
      • Visual Led has an optional offer of exclusive online courses for our clients that will allow you to deepen on the most important topics for the use, programming and maintenance of led screens.


Visual Led is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of professional LED screens

Visual Led was created more than 15 years ago, by a group of engineers specialized in industrial electronics. We detected an opportunity in the sector of professional LED screens, with a market full of basic solutions, but lacking in technical quality. This is how we create our own line of products and use our know-how to make high quality LED screens.

Throughout the years, the development and innovation that we have integrated into our products has made us a benchmark in the world of LED advertising screens. Currently, we serve clients from all over the world, exporting to more than 25 countries. Our international vocation of customer service and training allows us to create products that are suited to different needs.


Visual Led is divided into four large departments:

  • The technical and R+D department is responsible for the engineering development and design of our products.
  • The manufacturing and quality control department is responsible for production coordination and ensures that the production process meets the necessary quality standards.
  • The sales department takes care of all the logistics and commercial management.
  • The support or technical assistance department is responsible for answering questions and training of our customers.


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