The keys to a good advertising strategy

Optimizing advertising investment is a fundamental aspect for many SMEs, and even more so in times as uncertain as the present. Any business wants to reach the largest number of potential customers to increase its sales options, and advertising is one of the most helpful ways to achieve this. But what are the keys to a good advertising strategy?

Some basic rules are to create effective advertising messages, choose the most suitable advertising medium and even trust the experience of a creativity agency. However, the list of variables to consider does not end here. Below, we summarize some questions that will help improve the performance of your advertising actions.

Keep betting on branding (despite everything)

Coinciding with the COVID-19 episode, there are not a few businesses that have decided to stop corporate or brand advertising (branding) to focus only on that which has to do with their catalog of products and services. A trend that is a result of the economic impact of the outbreak of the new coronavirus in much of the business tissue. However, this is a mistake, since stakeholders —that is, all those people and organizations that have a certain interest in your company— want to know that the brand is still there, serving their needs and supporting them in these complex moments.

Hence the importance of continuing to work on branding, albeit with a low profile: now, it is time to focus on the users and employees of the company, responding to their concerns and ensuring their well-being. In this sense, LED advertising screens can be a good ally, since they allow you to combine corporate messages with others aimed at sales (and without the advertising investment skyrocketing).

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Create a solid marketing plan … and stick with it

We know that it is difficult to stick to a roadmap when the health and economic situation changes from one day to the next. Even so, we never tire of remembering that it is essential to have a good marketing plan, which includes goals and a budget that allows them to be achieved. Think about what you would like to achieve with your advertising campaigns: do you want to publicize a new product or service? Communicate an offer or promotion? Analyze how you can achieve it and, above all, communicate the added value of your business in relation to its competitors (without mentioning them, yes).

Although you may have to make the odd adjustments throughout the season, try to stay true to your goals. In this way, you can see if your approach was effective.

Get to know your buyer persona

It is not the first time that we refer to the need to investigate in depth about your ideal clients or buyer persona in depth in this blog, since in this way you will know what their preferences and pain points are and how to respond to them. Is your audience mainly female or male? What age range are you in? Where do you live and where do you move? What are your concerns and habits? What is your purchasing power? Market research and social media can be of great help in answering these questions.

Although you should focus on those media and advertising media most used by your target audience, keep in mind that outdoor LED screens usually offer an excellent result. The key is to choose a good location, in places frequented by your target, and launch advertising messages that suit their demands. With an added advantage if you use this medium, and that LED screens allow you to reprogram the content in real time, to correct or improve the impact of the message whenever necessary. At any time and from anywhere: a device with an Internet connection is enough.

Bet on simple and direct messages

Every day, people who live or work in the city are exposed to thousands of advertising inputs. This explains why they only remember a very small percentage of the ads they see on a daily basis. Although no one has a philosopher’s stone that allows him to sneak into the select group, here are some recommendations that cannot be lacking in a good advertising strategy.

  • Do not lose sight of the three pillars of journalism: simplicity, clarity and brevity.
  • Avoid using white letters on a black background, as they are difficult to read
  • Give prominence to corporate colors, to enhance your brand image
  • Use only high-quality photos and visuals
  • Prioritize the description of the benefits of the product instead of its characteristics
  • Do not attack or belittle the competition
  • Use the testimony of satisfied customers to build credibility and trust
  • Always include a call-to-action to invite purchase

If you need it, turn to professional advertisers

Advertising and marketing agencies offer a wide range of services, from design to planning marketing campaigns. For example, at Visual Led we have a team of creatives with extensive experience. If you wish, they will create a good, professional and effective advertising campaign for you, adjusting as much as possible to your budget. Thus, you can dedicate all your efforts to increase your sales, with the peace of mind of knowing that the image of your company is in good hands.

In any case, if you prefer, you can also be the one to generate your own multimedia content, thanks to the software that all of our LED screens for digital signage or digital signage have integrated. All this without having prior knowledge of graphic design or programming. Find out without obligation about our online creativity courses.