A LED screen works almost like to a computer monitor, as it needs to be connected to something that provides the content that you want to broadcast. These are the most common content players for advertising LED screens.

Content player systemUsesAdvantages
Computer - Mini PC

Any Windows PC that meets the technical requirements can be used to play content on your LED screen. Our screens includes free software that will help you to start broadcasting content quickly.

Using a PC driver is the most common form of control to get the most out of your screen.
  • Allows the use of various types of broadcasting software
  • You can use your computer if it meets the technical requirements
MEDIA player

Compact External player that reproduce ads saved in a USB flash drive. Its software allows programming control functions like turning off and on, programing ads by hour and date, brightness calibration, among others.

For those users who do not want to dedicate a PC to play content. A media player automatically plays your content from UB flash drive and supports multiple screen control functions
  • Compact reliable and robust
  • Play your content from USB port or connected to your PC
  • Does not require supervision
  • Supports content programming and screen brightness
Video port adapter

Professional external system with multiple video ports and scaling system to adapt any video source to the resolution of your led screen.

To connect the led screen to external video sources like TDT, DVD, BD, decoders, among others.
  • NO software required
  • Front LCD panel with easy functions menu
  • Frontal selector of video ports
  •  Professional format for 19” rack mounting


Visual LED offers different softwares to play content on your screen. All our screens can be used with the included free SmartDisplay software. Additionally, if you want to control multiple screens at once, you can choose Publiweb software. Let's see the differences between them:

Software pricingFree, included with the purchase of the screenMonthly fee per screen
Remote access&control
(using remote session software)
Compatibility with most common photo and video formats
Programmable power on-off
Brightness adjusting
Content and playlists programming
Multiple screens control from same software
Integrated content library
Advanced features and dynamic internet content
Multi-device Cloud access
Compatible withComputer PC, Media playerMedia Player