The rising popularity of advertisement LED screens around the world is the living proof of its success to increase the engagement with potential customers. Digital advertisement is an eye-catching way to communicate your goods, services, sales and promotions that will increase your sales.

One of the most important challenges for those in charge of a business is finding how to expose your business, goods or services in an outstanding and irresistible way, to the largest amount of people possible. LED displays and billboards can be the best option to do it: flashy, dynamic and cost-efficient, LED displays are modern and more interesting than traditional static advertisements.

LED screens are designed to show dynamic images and videos that will catch everyone’s attention. Take one step forward from the traditional mindset, innovating with stunning dynamic content that will make your business stand out from everyone else.

LED screens have taken a huge leap when it comes to innovation and technological evolution. New generation LED displays are energy-efficient, brighter and easier to use, even for people with little or no knowledge in computers or design. It’s not a surprise that people prefer LED advertisements over other media.

LED displays are really versatile and can be located almost everywhere. Today, we find them in many different places, displaying sales, promotions an info regarding a great diversity of economic activities and business. LED screens can be found in:

Your business needs a resistant and customizable screen, that can answer to specific needs. Visual Led can make a customized indoor screen or a weather-resistant outdoor screen that can endure rain, sun and extreme temperatures. Visual Led are professionals with more than 15 years of experience in LED screens that can offer the best service.

In order to get the best image quality that can be visualized correctly from all angles, it’s necessary to get the advice of specialists in LED screens. A LED screen needs a good number of LEDs for the best image quality. This requirement will depend on the total size of the screen and the viewing distance. If you have any doubts when choosing a specific resolution or another, always look for the advice of professionals.

Visual Led customers can be sure that they can control and program content easily. Any user must be able to easily create as many advertising ads as they wish, change them as many times as they want, without limits.

All Visual Led screens include a software that will let you create and manage digital content to display it on your LED screen. However, all of our screens are compatible with any other type of designing and managing software in the market.