Nowadays, the presence of LED advertising screens in many cities is proof of the demonstrated effectiveness that these devices offer to attract the attention of potential customers. These factors have had a decisive influence on the increase in sales in businesses and activities that have used LED screens to display information about their products and services.


One of the most important challenges for those in charge of a business is to try to find the message they want to transmit, reach the maximum number of people, and to make this information as impressive and attractive as possible. For this, LED displaeys are much more striking compared to the static advertising offered by traditional devices that have been outdated. Thus LED screens are related to modernity and the use of new technologies.


On LED screens, dynamic images can be reproduced, which make it easier for passers-by to perceive. We no longer have to limit ourselves to static or fixed images that do not impact the people who observe them as much.


The technological evolution experienced by LED screens in recent years has been spectacular. It has become a more energy efficient product, with more luminosity and easier to use by people with little knowledge in computer science. All this has finally convinced LED screen customers.


Where are LED displays placed? Today, we find them in many different places and in a great diversity of economic activities. As an example, some of the uses of LED screens that we can find in cities are:

pantalla led perimetral
Video scoreboards

Video scoreboards and perimeter screens.

Fairs and Stands

Screens for fairs and stands

pantalla en farmacia

Signage for pharmacies

pantallas led en centros comerciales
Shopping malls

LED screens for shopping malls

cabinas pantallas led
Petrol stations

LED screens for petrol stations

pantalla led en opticas

Video displays placed in opticians’

pantalla led inmobiliaria
Real estate agencies

LED displays for estate agencies

pantallas led en campings

LED billboards for campsites

These establishments need a product with high durability and that come in sizes that adjust to their specific needs. In this sense, at Visual Led you can request a customized or screens that need to be exposed to different weather conditions and must endure, rain, sun and extreme temperatures. In Visual Led we are professionals with more than 15 years of experience in LED screens to offer you the best service.

In order for the images to be visualized correctly, it is necessary get the advice of specialists in LED screens, so the final result will be satisfactory. A LED screen needs a sufficient number of LEDs for good image quality. This requirement will depend on the total size of the screen and the viewing distance. If you have any doubts when choosing a resolution or another, alwats seek the advice of professionals.


Finally, another advantage that Visual Led customers value positively is the ease of controlling and programming content. A user can create as many advertising campaigns as they wish, they can be changed as many times as they want without limits and in an easy manner.


The software for the preparation of these advertising campaigns are included in all the models of Visual Led screens. Despite this, it is important to highlight that a screen user can also use any other type of software in the market.