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We are the best LED screens provider

Visual Led is a leading company based on Spain, dedicated to providing specialized, high quality and cost effective LED display solutions. Our comprehensive services include the design and manufacture of LED advertising screens for shop fronts, windows displays, advertising billboards and more.

Our goal is to offer quality LED screens solutions at competitive prices, in order to contribute to the rapid growing of LED signage industry. Making business with Visual Led will get you a myriad of benefits:

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Our LED screens are the easiest to set up

You can set-up your own digital LED screen. When you buy one of our screens you’ll be able to make the set-up by yourself, just following the instructions on our simple manuals.

If there is any problem, you can call our technical support team, who will guide you through every step.

Installation and maintenance fees can go up to hundreds or thousand of dollars. Save all those extra feed that you’ll have to pay if you bought a LED screen from our competitors.

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Quick and easy: enter your specifications and get a quote in real time


LED screen are used to improve customer experience by broadcasting multimedia content while running ads. In order to control, display and save that content, you’ll need software plus some controlling equipment. Visual Led will provide the best ad manager software and control system, designed to suit your own advertising needs.


You can use any computer to control our screens, as long as it meets the technical requirements. The ad manager software is intuitive and easy, so you’ll be broadcasting content right after the set-up.


No computer? No problem. You can control your screens by using a plug-and-play external player. Plug the USB in and start broadcasting instantly.


Plug any external video sources: DVD players, BD players, TV decoders, anything! This professional system will perfectly decode any video signal on your LED screen.

Don’t know anything about LED control systems? Learn more about it here:


We want to provide you with the most accurate information so you can make an educated purchase that can satisfy your particular needs. Let’s start with some frequently asked questions:


Technical specifications can be confusing. Check and learn some terms in our glossary

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Visual LED’s main goal is to provide, manufacture and sell the best LED screen solutions at the most cost-effective prices, but we also offer an array of specialized and exclusive services to our clients that will help them to expand their knowledge in order to get the most out of their LED screen.


Visual Led offers exclusive technical services provided by licensed professionals, specialized in Visual Led products.


Visual Led offers courses and training oriented to improve your knowledge about the function and use of your LED screen.


Visual Led offers professional services to create specifically customized content for your LED screen.

Any question? Ask Visual Led’s technical and commercial team. We’ll help you to successfully materialize your Digital LED advertising project.


Visual Led has been in business for more than 15 years, working for a lot of companies, always providing quality LED displays. Some of our clients are:

Visual Led customer reviews

  • Theresa Naumann Avatar
    Theresa Naumann

    Everything was correct. The delivery for my giant led screen was done in the scheduled time.

    Martha Lorens Avatar
    Martha Lorens

    I contacted Visual Led to purchase a LED sign for my business. They told me about all the features the sign offered and how I could play content on it. They were very straightforward and clear when explaining the instructions.

    Jack Joynes Avatar
    Jack Joynes

    They helped us out from the first moment and adapted to what we were looking for. We are very happy with the final result, so we would recommend Visual Led without a doubt.

  • Samuel Roberts Avatar
    Samuel Roberts

    I recommend 3-pixel led screens form businesses with shop windows that get a lot of direct sunlight.

    Sean Terrins Avatar
    Sean Terrins

    Nice and warm salesperson. They offered great financing options, so I have agreed on purchasing a led screen with them.

    Richard Hansrom Avatar
    Richard Hansrom

    Fast technical assistance. Urgent queries about my led screen were solved without having to book an appointment.


Quick and easy: enter your specifications and get a quote in real time