Top tips to set up a trade show booth

Nowadays, taking part in trade shows is one of the best strategies for a company to gain visibility, both in its field of activity and among its potential customers. Moreover, it is also an excellent opportunity for networking, as it puts the company’s employees in contact with other strategic players. However, taking part in these events involves hard work, especially when it comes to organizing the space where the company will be located. That is why many ask themselves how to set up a stand at a fair or exhibition.

At Visual Led, we have been manufacturing LED advertising displays for this type of event since 2003. Therefore, if you are also considering attending one of them, we want to give you some tips to help your booth be a complete success, both in media impact and in number of visitors and agreements reached.

What elements will you need for your stand?

To set up a commercial stand, you will need to have the following elements:

  • The structure. This aspect is fundamental, since it is what will limit the space assigned to the company in any trade show. To highlight the limits of this space, you can use furniture or, simply, separators. In any case, you should make sure they include your brand’s logo and, if possible, make sure that the elements follow your corporate colours. In general, the smallest stands on the market measure 3 x 3 m, which is equivalent to 9 m2, while the largest ones range from 30 to 60 m2.
  • Counters, which will serve as a separation between company staff and visitors.
  • Tables and chairs, to provide a space in which to discuss or show the company’s products and services to partners and potential customers.
  • Electrical outlets and Internet connection. Although it may seem obvious, this is essential, as some visitors from other countries may not be able to use their data rate at the trade show. Therefore, make sure you ccan get hold of a good Wi-Fi connection.
  • Good lighting, to help the booth stand out and to allow the company’s promotional activities to take place normally. If you want to create a more welcoming space in which to chat with your clients, reduce the intensity of the light in that area, or go for warmer tones, getting rid of excessively white light.
  • Company products. It is convenient to select those that stand out the most or those to which you want to give a greater commercial outlet. It is also advisable to show those that are more innovative.
  • Visitors always receive merchandising gifts gladly, so make sure to use the logo and the company’s name. Gifts also contribute to reinforce the memory of the brand and improve the company’s reputation. Choose practical and easy-to-transport objects (pens, pencils, notebooks, table-top calendars, coasters, etc.) and, as far as possible, make sure they are related to the company’s field of activity. Similarly, it is necessary to ensure their quality (for example, a pen that does not write will not only not improve the image of the company, but can create a negative feeling around it).
  • Coffee, water or soft drink machine. Although this is optional, offering a drink to the newcomer will not only increase the probability that he will stay longer at the stand: it will also leave a good impression of the company.
  • Corporate identity, present in LED banners, roll-ups, banners, digital poster displays, etc. Choosing digital signage will not only help your company’s booth stand out from the rest, but it will also help create an image of modernity and dynamism around the company. In addition, the use of LED displays is more comfortable, practical and cost-effective than traditional paper signage, since the content can be programmed and reprogrammed at any time, thus adapting it to the specific needs of the company at any given moment.
  • Advertising screens. We assure you that it is something that cannot be renounced. Not only will it serve to broadcast corporate videos, but also to capture the attention of visitors. Indoor LED displays provide unsurpassed brightness and image quality, even in maximum light conditions, as is usually the case in fairgrounds.
  • Anti-COVID-19 measures. While the current health emergency situation due to the new coronavirus lasts, safety and hygiene measures established by the authorities must be adopted. Having hydroalcoholic gel at hand, using a mask or adapting protocols that guarantee a minimum separation between employees and assistants is essential.

Our tips to set up a successful stand

Now that we have seen the basic elements to set up a booth in a trade show or exhibition, it is not superfluous to take into account some good practices to make the company’s participation in this event as profitable as possible.

  • Attend with (at least) one another person. One of the worst decisions that can be made is to leave the booth alone, something that can translate into a loss of business opportunities and a negative image for the company. However, when there is only one person in charge, this will happen sooner or later, since that person will have to leave to go to lunch, to the bathroom, etc. Therefore, it is advisable that there are at least two people, making sure that there is always at least one behind the counter.
  • Always keep the booth tidy. Although this may seem obvious, we must not forget that visitors do not always leave their reference material (magazines, brochures, etc.) where they found it. For this reason, it is advisable to regularly organize the exhibition space.
  • Draw up a list of visitors who have confirmed their attendance. In this way, you can prepare your trade shows better, adapting them to the type of visitor and their expectations and purchasing needs.
  • Keep track of visitors. Keeping track of the people who have visited your stand or their profile will help you to better plan future events and, of course, to know more about your customers’ motivations.
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