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The bay of Liverpool is the ideal setting for all Scousers to enjoy the lights and shadows that radiate from this city’s beautiful skyline. Without going any further, what was once the second city of the Empire, attracts thousands of Woolies and other visitors every day, so making yourself noticed in its streets can sometimes become a difficult task. Therefore, Visual Led presents a large assortment of LED screens in Liverpool for businesses, events and advertising that will become the solution you were looking for.

The best technology, competitive prices and the most complete services await when you trust a company with more than 15 years in the professional screen business. Do you want to know more before deciding? Keep reading to be completely convinced that Visual Led’s solutions are perfectly tailored for you.

Choose your ideal LED screens in Liverpool

Advertising LED screens

Trying to compete invisibility with the Radio City Tower is virtually impossible, we know, but an ideal way to advertise any brand is installing a giant LED screen in one of the most important commercial arteries of the city, such as Liverpool One or Bold Street, where thousands of people by every day. These products are specifically designed to be seen at a long distance, so you will reach a larger audience. In addition, rain or coastal wind will not be a problem, as they have special protection to overcome any weather condition.

Digital signage for shops and shop windows

If your business is located in such busy streets as Matthew Street or its surroundings, it can be difficult to make your shop stand out. We know that there is much more than The Cavern and the Beatles, which is why we provide you with giant LED screens in Liverpool that are ideal for shops and shop windows. When adding LED signs to your business, you will have great advantages compared to the rest. It is perfect to visually advertise your establishment on the street, but you can also have exclusive shop window screens that will allow you to visually show the most relevant features in your establishment. Moreover, if you want to add an indoor LED screen, we recommend you choose a mupi-totem, a great idea to display the products you want to promote and make the most of the indoor space to encourage new purchases.

Smart city screens

How would you like to inform the entire population of the latest news in a completely sustainable way? This proposal is ideal for Liverpool or any of its surrounding towns, since you can broadcast the weather, announce the activities that are being held during the next month and basically everything that citizens need to know without wasting a single paper.


Quick and easy: enter your specifications and get a quote in real time

Why choose Visual Led for your LED screens

Are you already clear on what kind of screens you need? In this case, let us explain about the numerous advantages of choosing our services, like many other professional companies located in more than 25 countries have done.

Custom-made LED screens in Liverpool

We are a company that is exclusively dedicated to manufacturing LED screens, so it will be you who tells us how you want them to be, we will create them for you. Let us know what features you want the screen to have, the ideal size and the specific characteristics that you need depending on where you are going to place it.

Design for your content

Are you not very sure what you are going to play on your newly purchased screen? We can help you thanks to our design and creation team, which will provide you with all the contents related to the products or services that you wish to advertise.

The training you need

If you have never ensembled a LED screen or used the software it incorporates, we will provide all the information you need. Along with your purchase you can also access interactive online training to learn everything you need and get insights on how to get the most out of your LED screens in Liverpool.

Unbeatable value for money

We do not work with third parties, which has several advantages. On the one hand, this means that the manufacturing of the product is done entirely by us, taking care of every detail and ensuring that the quality is optimal. Not only this, but it entails a cost reduction that allows us to offer you the best prices for professional LED screens too.

The technical assistance team at your service

Once you have received your purchase, you will have the Visual Led team at your disposal during usual working hours so that you can make all the queries you need at no additional cost. In our Clients area you will also have all the information and documents that you need.


Visual Led is a leading company in the design and manufacture of LED advertising screens for shop windows, shops and a variety of other businesses in Spain. Our goal as a company is to offer led screens at competitive prices to extend the use of this technology as much as possible . In addition, buying on visualled.com will entail several advantages, as you will see in the following table:

If you want to know more about the advantages of choosing us, click here:

LED screen Rental in Liverpool

Mersey Sound’s legacy is more alive than ever thanks to the great offer of live music and shows that are organized, so LED screen rental in Liverpool is undoubtedly on the rise. Whatever the scope of your event, at Visual Led you will have a wide range of giant screens so that all attendees can have a high definition view of what is happening on stage.

Do you want to include a stand at any of the fairs held at the Liverpool Exhibition Center? The best way to stand out from your competition is to get a professional screen where you can play any video or information you want.

Our rental screens enjoy an easy and quick assembly system, so it will not be difficult to set up and disassemble. In addition, we also offer flight cases adapted to the model you want so that the transportation can be done easily and safely.

Are you convinced? Trust Visual Led and ask us for a quote for your LED screens in Liverpool, you will get it instantly.

How to buy an LED screen in Liverpool?


Our budgets are delivered with a vast explanation of their functions and benefits and other important concepts fully detailed.

Once your purchase is confirmed, they will send you the documentation to start the process of your acquisition.



After confirming the transaction, we start the manufacture of the article, keeping you informed throughout the process.

For this, you can access the section of tracking orders in your customer area. There you will get detailed information about the status of your order.



If you want to squeeze the potential of your LED screen, we offer you a series of training courses to expand your knowledge on the management and programming of LED advertising screens. With this, you will understand its operation and management much better. Of course: the optional courses are exclusive for Visual Led customers.


All our products are supplied with extensive and comprehensive technical manuals, where their installation and set-up process are clearly and easily explained. In addition, you will have the technical advice of Visual Led to complete your installation.



EUROPE: European shipments are made by land with our transport vehicles, thus ensuring accurate delivery times.

INTERNATIONAL: transoceanic shipments are usually made by sea, as they are characterized by economic and safe shipments. In specific cases where an urgent delivery is necessary, we can send it by air.


It is advisable to read carefully the manuals delivered with your screen before starting any assembly process. If you have any doubts, we put at your disposal a technical department that will solve them.

Once the screen is mounted, a technical tutor will remotely monitor and check the screen, to confirm that everything is correct.



Quick and easy: enter your specifications and get a quote in real time