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London needs no introduction. Considered the best city in the world for its quality, reputation and identity (Best Cities Ranking, 2018) and the most attractive to boost new business and lure creative and entrepreneurial talent (Global Power City, GPCI, 2018), the British capital is a strategic place for Visual Led. Therefore, we work every day to offer the most extensive range of LED screens in London.

About 270 annual fairs, five airports and 7.5 million inhabitants are just some of the facts that put the undeniable commercial potential of this city on the banks of the Thames in a leading position.

With the great array of LED screens in London to choose from at Visual Led, you will have plenty of options at your fingertips to achieve what, in the case of this city, may seem impossible: achieve effective advertising so that your company stands out from its competitors. All this with the support of a leading and professional company, with more than 15 years of experience in various countries in Europe, that offers a warm, personalized and effective assessment.

Learn about our outdoor LED screens for events in London

If we talk about LED screens in London, it is inevitable to think about the spectacular multimedia advertising of Piccadilly Circus. This emblematic point sets the bar very high in terms of digital advertising. However, at Visual Led we are prepared to overcome this challenge.

For example, buying a giant LED screen in London will be a success for all those who wish to organize outdoor events. This format adapts to any circumstance: a concert, a play or show, a presentation, a sports event – even serving as a video-scoreboard – whatever your needs, our outdoor LED screens will give you the clarity, the resolution and luminosity you need. And of course, they are resistant to rain, an irreplaceable aspect in a city where this atmospheric phenomenon is common.

Do you only need a giant monitor for specific occasions? No problem: with our rental LED screens in London, you can offer a state-of-the-art product at the best price. Light and resistant at the same time, our rental monitors are very easy to transport and assemble.

This means you will be able to assemble it yourself, with the support of another person, which helps reduce costs. In any case, you also have the support of our technical service, which will advise you whenever you need it.

On the other hand, we should not overlook that several studies place London amongst the global top-3 smart cities. This cleaner and more sustainable model of urban management, committed to the quality of citizens’ lifestyles, involves the use of advertising media capable of providing information with added value.

The advanced technology of Smart City information screens provided by Visual Led allows its control and management from a single administration panel. As it is easy to use and has excellent visibility, more and more institutions and companies in London are choosing to use them. If you are interested in this possibility, we will make sure it is economical, simple and profitable for you.


Quick and easy: enter your specifications and get a quote in real time

Discover our indoor and outdoor LED screens for shops in London

Few places are more seductive and imaginative from the commercial point of view than Camden Town, a neighborhood and urban market that is a reference for its colorful streets and creativity. Although their advertising posters are basically analog, in Visual Led we want to put digital advertising alternatives at your disposal, which will be more eye-catching than their analog counterparts.

Our signs for shops and businesses in London will be the best presentation card for any store. Besides being ideal for branding, they also allow you to launch advertisements and messages that will attract the attention of passers-by. If the store is also located in busy areas – although it will not be necessary to reach Oxford Street’s level- the success of the investment will be absolute.

For a greater impact, it is worth to choose LED video banners in London. In general, they are usually placed next to a shop’ light sign and, in addition to brand image, they are also ideal to broadcast offers, promotions, product images … They are good value for money and, in the case of choosing a Visual Led LED banner, its waterproof coating makes them completely safe from rain.

The store’s appeal can be further enhanced by indoor LED screens for shops and shop windows. In Visual Led, we offer easy-assembly LED screens and a variety of pixel-pitches, which allows them to adapt to any size and viewing distance, always with an unbeatable brightness.

No less recommendable are totem-style LED opis and mupis, which are highly useful for any part of the store.


Visual Led is a leading company in the design and manufacture of LED advertising screens for shop windows, shops and a variety of other businesses in Spain. Our goal as a company is to offer led screens at competitive prices to extend the use of this technology as much as possible . In addition, buying on visualled.com will entail several advantages, as you will see in the following table:

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Our advertising solutions in London

At Visual Led, we have everything ready to boost your business in one of the most competitive cities on the planet, at the lowest price. In addition to cutting-edge technology, our LED screens in London have software with which you can control and program them from any device and from anywhere in the world, whenever you want.

Likewise, you can also create your own advertising content with a professional result, without the need for prior notions of graphic design or programming. This will mean saving up on a substantial amount, since you will not need to hire the services of an advertising agency in London. With our courses, you will learn how to generate powerful and effective videos step by step, far beyond conventional corporate videos.

Have you got a general idea about the price of a LED screen? Since we try to adjust each client’s demands and budget to the maximum, we design our custom-made screens. If you want to know how much it can cost you, use our LED screen price calculator without further compromise.

At Visual Led, we are experts in LED screens in London. Contact us and we will give you all the information to take your business in the UK to the top.

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Our budgets are delivered with a vast explanation of their functions and benefits and other important concepts fully detailed.

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For this, you can access the section of tracking orders in your customer area. There you will get detailed information about the status of your order.



If you want to squeeze the potential of your LED screen, we offer you a series of training courses to expand your knowledge on the management and programming of LED advertising screens. With this, you will understand its operation and management much better. Of course: the optional courses are exclusive for Visual Led customers.


All our products are supplied with extensive and comprehensive technical manuals, where their installation and set-up process are clearly and easily explained. In addition, you will have the technical advice of Visual Led to complete your installation.



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Quick and easy: enter your specifications and get a quote in real time