LED screens are modular devices with several components:


Cabinets: The fundamental modular piece of the screen. Most giant LED screens are usually divided into a series of cabinets, which form the entire screen when joined together. LED cabinets make screen manufacturing and transport easier.


Structural chassis: it is the frame that houses the other components of the cabinet. It can be manufactured in different materials according to the technical requirements of the installation.


LED boards or modules: electronic modules comprised of an electronic board with LEDs and an outer plastic or metal carcass.


Power sources: The piece that transforms and regulates the voltage of the electrical network to power the other electronic components.


Data card: receives the image data that each cabinet will issue and distributes them to all the cabinet’s modules.


Data circuit: set of wiring used to connect the data cards with LED modules and to connect cabinets with each other.


Power circuit: set of wiring used to connect the power supplies to the other electronic components of the cabinet and to interconnect all the cabinets with the electrical network.