How to buy at Visual Led

Visual Led offers all the advantages so that purchasing a LED screen is a simple and accessible process.

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One of the goals of Visual Led is to make LED screens accessible to most small and medium-sized businesses. To do this, we not only offer a competitive and high quality product, but we also strive to perfect each and every one of the steps involved in the process of acquiring an LED screen.


Budget validation

Our budgets are delivered with a vast explanation of their functions and benefits and other important concepts fully detailed.

Once your purchase is confirmed, they will send you the documentation to start the process of your acquisition.


Manufacturing tracking

After confirming the transaction, we start the fabrication of your display, keeping you informed throughout the process.

Additionally you can access the order tracking section  in your customer area. There you will find detailed information about the status of your order.


Training courses on LED screens

If you want to squeeze the full potential of your LED screen, we offer you a series of training courses to expand your knowledge on the management and programming of LED advertising screens. With this, you will understand its operation and management much better. Of course, these optional courses are exclusive for Visual Led customers.


Technical manuals of LED screens

All our products are supplied with extensive and comprehensive technical manuals, where their installation and set-up process are clearly and easily explained. In addition, you will have the technical advice of Visual Led to complete your installation.

  • EUROPE: European shipments are made by land with our transport vehicles, thus ensuring accurate delivery times.
  • INTERNATIONAL: Transoceanic shipments are usually made by sea, as they are characterized by economic and safe shipments. In specific cases where an urgent delivery is necessary, we can send it by air.


It is advisable to carefully read the manuals delivered with your screen before starting any assembly process. If you have any doubts, we put at your disposal a technical department to solve them.

Once the screen is mounted, one of our technicians will remotely monitor and check the screen, to confirm that everything is correct.


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