If you are in charge of a leisure or catering business, you surely know better than anyone about the importance of having digital signage at the entrance of your establishment. Therefore, Visual Led offers you the most complete offer of LED screens for bars, nightclubs and restaurants.


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We have over 18 years of experience helping our clients amaze their audience with our LED screens.

We are leaders in Europe in the design and manufacture of advertising led screens.

At Visual Led, we offer solutions for both outdoor and indoor advertising, for any kind of event, without the size of the screen influencing the quality of the final product.

We guarantee a completely personalized service and specialized technical assistance available whenever you need it. We want you to find the led screens that best suit your goals.


We are manufacturers, not resellers. This lets us to have prices up to 50% cheaper than the competition, without compromising the quality of our LED displays.


Your purchase already includes, at no extra cost, a multimedia player (hardware) and the corresponding software so you can program and control your LED screen.


Our advertising screens are self-assembling. In other words, when you buy one of our screens you can assemble it yourself by following our simple manuals.


Other companies make you sign maintenance contracts that involve extra annual or monthly payments. At Visual Led we don’t do that, you will never have to pay maintenance fees

There are many advantages of having this advertising element on your doorstep. Besides being the first contact with your current or potential clients, it is also an outdoor advertising element, a powerful tool for visual communication and a resource that can help your company stand out from competitors. Taking all these benefits into account, it is clear that this has to be a priority for any entrepreneur.

But how to choose a truly effective advertising medium? Although there is no infallible formula for success, both the numerous studies conducted in this regard and the experience itself confirm that video advertising is much more effective than their static counterparts. Hence, LED screens are the perfect ally to stand out from other similar commercial offers.

Discover what business signs can offer to all those entrepreneurs and owners in the catering and nightlife business below.

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Tired of those signs with the name of the bar sponsored by a drink? No wonder: besides being the most anodyne, these claims do not help to make a difference, nor to transmit dynamism and modernity. When a pedestrian comes across it, he/she will hardly be curious to stop here, so he/she will most keep on walking. The solution? A change of image that fits the business’ philosophy.

Luckily, you can do it easily with a LED panel, a form of high-impact, state-of-the-art digital advertising. In addition, you cannot only show the name of the establishment, but also other information that may be of interest to those who visit: promotions, special events, etc. Its impact can also be reinforced with LED banners, ideal for all those premises that are in a highly transited area, and to play text and dynamic images. Visual Led’s outdoor LED displays are rainproof and are prepared to withstand sudden changes in temperature, which guarantees a long lifespan.

In any case, outdoor advertising for bars is not the only thing to pay attention to, as the interior is also key to customer loyalty and to attract new ones. For example, a fundamental aspect is to offer football matches live. For this, our giant LED screens are a safe bet. Only in this way will you be able to fill your bar coinciding with the great dates of the Premier League and the Champions League. If you go for LED screens for bars, we assure you that you will notice – and you will appreciate – the difference.


It’s very easy! Just fill the sizes you are interested in and get your quote now

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Nightclubs are a type of establishments that must show that they are up to date. A requirement that, however, is far from being new: in fact, the striking, classic neon discs that are no longer in operation always come to mind, although we can still remember them today. An effect that can be achieved with LED screens for nightclubs.

Although the bar is set very high, outdoor LED screens for nightclubs will allow you to overcome the challenge exceedingly. With these luminous signs, you will not only advertise the name of the place: you can also take advantage of it to announce upcoming events: evenings with resident DJs or guests, shows, performances and live concerts, university parties, themed gigs, Halloween or New Year’s Eve … In short, you will broadcast your programming without the need for additional investment in advertising, which can be a significant saving in the long run

Do you organize performances within the premises? In that case, indoor LED screens can be the perfect choice for a unique light and sound show. And if you have a specific event, we offer you a LED screen rental service.


LED screens for restaurants? Without a doubt, and even more so at establishments with an innovative gastronomic commitment. If your menu is based on new culinary proposals, the aesthetics of the place – starting with the facade – cannot be left behind. With Visual LED’s LED signs, you can capture the attention of passersby and encourage them to enter the restaurant.

As in the previous cases, LED advertising for establishments not only contributes to branding, but also to show the products and services on offer. For example, in the case of restaurants, it is possible to broadcast images of the chef preparing some dishes, or a show cooking session or live cooking.

Apart from all these advantages, Visual Led’s LED screens for bars, nightclubs and restaurants offer other additional benefits. For example, they include exclusive software that allows you to generate, program and play your own advertising content, without the need of previous graphic design or programming knowledge and professional results. In this way, it will not be necessary to hire an advertising agency or an expert in this field, which will help reduce costs.

Visual LED’s advertising LED screens can be programmed whenever and wherever you want, using a device with an Internet connection. In this way, you can adjust the broadcast to local timetables, or to the times when there is a greater number of people on the street, which will increase the visibility of your establishment.

On the other hand, we must not lose sight of the fact that the use of LED advertising supports will make it possible to forget about the time and resources devoted to changing paper posters. Can you imagine it?

As with all our products, our LED screens for bars, nightclubs and restaurants are custom-made, depending on your needs. Use our LED screen price calculator and get an estimate for free. And if you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us: we will be happy to assist and guide you.