LED screens are composed of many electronic elements inside. Therefore, it is necessary for the screens to have access to their interior, once installed in their final location. According to its installation it is necessary to distinguish two types of access for its correct maintenance:

mantenimiento trasero pantalla


The screens and rear maintenance have door-like openings to easily access the internal parts of the screen.
This system is the most common and we find it in the vast majority of both indoor and outdoor screens.

It should be noted that if the screen is used in outdoor areas, the doors or rear access mechanisms must be designed so there is no water leakage.


In installations where the screen is placed on a wall or facade, the screens must have a frontal access system, since once located it will not be possible to access the interior parts of the screen.

There are several frontal access systems:

System with a “lock” mechanism

In this case, the LED modules are connected to the structural LED cabinets by means of a closing and opening system similar to a basic lock. From the front we have openings where we insert a simple key and turn to release the LED module.

System with front screws

In this case, the modules and led plates are attached to the cabinets through screws attached to the front.

This system is very safe, reliable and perfect for outdoor installations, although it is somewhat more laborious at the time of installation.

This system to insert and remove the front LED modules is very fast and practical. The main issues that can arise are the relative tightness for LED screens in outdoor areas, where everything will depend on the quality and way of manufacturing them.

In addition, this front access system is much more expensive than other systems, as each modular LED piece must have a locking mechanism. For this reason, a larger LED module is usually used in these cases to reduce its number. But on the contrary, in case of problems on a LED module, it will be a much bigger and expensive problem to replace.

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Magnetic system

This new system is the one that is currently being used more for front access led screens. Its simplicity makes it very practical and easy to install on existing LED modules. To remove it from the front of the screen, you will only need to use a fairly powerful magnet that will allow you to remove the magnet led module from the front of the screen. The system is tremendously practical and if there is an issue, we may find it in its installation, since when fastened by magnets it is possible for the system to move minimally and they have to be repositioned once the screen is installed.


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