Installation and assembly process of Visual Led screens

Our screens are easy to assemble. Most of our customers choose to assemble their screens themselves. Find the steps to follow in this quick guide.

What is included in the purchase of a Visual LED display?

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Your LED display will arrive in wooden or cardboard transport boxes with internal foam protections to ensure the integrity of the product.

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Our displays come with their own control and playback system that will allow you to configure your display and schedule the playback of media files.

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All screens come with their content management and configuration software. A quick guide to operating the screen is included.

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An installation manual and user guide will provide you with all the information you need to successfully install your display.

Assembly and installation steps

Before installing your display, we recommend that you consult the enclosed documentation. There you will find more detailed and complete information about the installation process.

1. Unpacking and handling of the advertising LED screen

We recommend 2 people to carry out the installation process.
Open the transport boxes and take the cabinets out.
Handle the cabinets very carefully to avoid any damage to the screen surface and its leds.
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2. Assembly without tools

Place the frames next to each other.
Follow the manual and use the built-in joining mechanisms to assemble the cabinets together.
Repeat the process until the entire surface of your LED display is finished.

3. Wiring and connections

Follow the instructions in your manual to install data and power wiring.
Connect the content player controller to the display.
Connect your player to a PC. Download and install the required software to control the display.
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Examples of Visual Led screen installations

If you have specific questions about your project to install a giant LED screen in your business, do not hesitate to consult with our team of specialists.