Professional advertising requires the most advanced technology. At Visual Led we have the experience to provide the best LED solutions for professional advertising. We’ve been meeting the needs of many national and international customers by offering the best products and services.  There are no jobs that are too big or too small for us: we have worked for large corporations, public institutions, small and medium companies. Visual Led is ready to find the best LED screen for your needs.

Digital LED advertising has been growing each year, becoming more and more popular every day. This is because LED billboards are effective, eye-catching and help attract the attention of potential customers, thus increasing product and service sales.

The growing popularity of outdoor LED screens has stimulated the rise of new and inexperienced companies trying to gain a foothold in the market. These may lack the knowledge to offer a comprehensive service. There’s a huge difference between those newbies reselling equipment and those who are ready to provide a quality service.

Visual Led have been manufacturing and designing outdoor advertising LED screens for more than a decade, and this is exactly what makes us pioneers and true specialists when it comes to LED technology in our region. Our experience makes us able to create a range of very specific outdoor LED screens, customized to satisfy any particular need.



Advertising Billboards must have an adequate amount of brightness, as this is an essential feature that will make the screen content visible, regardless of lightning conditions. Brightness is one of the most valued feature among customers who seek to broadcast their advertisements at any time, even under the scorching summer sunlight.

Lower quality LED displays won’t be effective to display any advertising content. Unbalanced brightness makes the screen invisible under luminous lightning and/or too bright at night, which may annoy pedestrians and even make it dangerous for drivers.

All our LED screens are equipped with user-friendly brightness controllers, that will allow you to regulate and program the light intensity of your billboard. These devices are easy to program, although there is a possibility of installing a light sensor that will perform this function automatically.


Visual Led offers custom-sized outdoor LED screens in order to completely meet our client’s needs. We are able to materialize any customized project, regardless of its manufacturing complexity. Your satisfaction is our goal.

The size of a LED advertising screen will depend on what we want to broadcast and where we want a potential buyer to see it. Let’s take a traditional poster as a reference, locating it at the desirable distance in which we want the LED screen content to be seen. For example, if we want this poster to be correctly perceived at a distance of 100 meters (distance of a football field), a 2×2 mt screen won’t be enough. It is obvious that we will need a bigger screen surface. To sum up: visibility, in this case, has nothing to do with the screen quality but with its size.


Outdoor LED screens have an IP protection level which allows them to get wet in case of rain. If the screen is going to be located outdoors, it must be waterproof in order to protect its features, thus resisting the adverse weather conditions: sun, rain, snow, etc. These features will ensure the durability of the product and will help avoid a possible system malfunction. We will help you to choose the best option.


Our outdoor LED screens have an excellent durability, since their components are of a high quality. LEDs used in screens are made to maintain a homogeneous light for thousands of hours.

These quality standards translate into a safe and uninterrupted use. Our LED screens can be running 24 hours without any problem. Our screens resist high temperatures, while other low-quality products can stop at 40°C, making it necessary to install a cooling system that will considerably increase installation and maintenance costs.


After choosing the best LED screen size, it’s necessary to learn about pixel resolution, a controversial topic. Some sellers, having limited and outdated stocks, may inappropriately advise an uninformed customer about the matter.

For good viewing quality, a billboard for advertising purposes will need a sufficient number of LEDs. The more LEDs, the better the resolution will be. The closer one pixel is to another, the better the content will be seen at close distances. This means that if you want to see a picture better from a short distance, the pixel grid should be 8 mm rather than 10 mm. On the other hand, when it comes to a giant LED screen, we will not need a reduced pixel resolution, but a larger pixel grid.