Campsites are recently gaining relative importance as tourist establishments when compared to the rest of lodging options such as hotels, hostels, tourist apartments, rural houses, etc. The majority of a campsites’ visitors are families with children, young people and couples looking for direct contact with nature, either in mountain campsites or near beaches.


The owners of these establishments offer their clients numerous targeted activities: broadcasting of sports competitions, children’s activities, live music shows, dance classes, etc …) For these tasks, large-format LED billboards and screens have become the perfect ally to give support and visibility to people who take part in these outdoor activities.


Giant LED screens allow a greater visualization for clients in these establishments and offer high luminosity as an indispensable requirement for a correct visualization.


On the other hand, the information billboards located in access areas to campsites or strategic points within the vicinity, help to inform about concepts related to the activities organized by the campsite itself, as well as tourist information or the routes that customers can take outside the campsite facilities. Another aspect that customers value positively is the weather information: temperature, humidity, weather forecast, etc.


The possibility of reproducing photographs, videos and texts makes the information on these LED screens dynamic and guarantees the observers’ curiosity.


All these possibilities mean the return on investment of a LED screen in campsites is one of the most beneficial for the business. During these activities, customers usually consume snacks, food, drinks, etc. that contribute to increase the billing generated by the accommodation in camping plots.


In Visual Led we offer you the most adjusted prices in the market, which will make your project a reality. You can check our prices using our online LED screens quote generator. If you want to customize your project, contact our Commercial Department and we will help you make the best decision for your business. In Visual Led we are aware of the economic effort resulting from the acquisition of a LED screen, which is why we carry out realistic projects. On the other hand, some of our clients choose to hire or lease them with a financial institution.


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In Visual Led we design billboards for campsites thinking about them being used with no difficulty at all. We also offer accessories that will enhance the possibilities of your LED screen, such as, for example, professional players aimed at the use of fleet screens, the connection of external devices such as video cameras or the reproduction of television signal. This last aspect is very interesting if you want to reproduce live sporting events such as the Olympics, world championships, football matches, music concerts, etc.


The people whom handle these devices will be able to adapt the contents to the different time slots as it is convenient to provide service to each customer profile. Our software allows you to program these functionalities.


The use of the LED screen will also enable live broadcasting of the activities on the campsite: play a show on stage, outdoors, announcements of the beginning of activities, notices to customers, etc. The size of the screen and the high brightness will mean the event can also be seen by people who are further away from the stage.


Visual Led’s LED screens are commercialized with the necessary software to reproduce the images and videos on the screen. The use of this software is simple so that it can be operated by any user can without technical complications.


The campsite workers will be able to broadcast and edit the reproduction of the informative contents, the live reproduction and modification of parameters of the LED screen, such as the adjustment of luminosity according to necessity, without much complexity.


Finally, they can also reproduce third-party advertisements to generate additional income to the campsite’s activity.


Quick and easy: enter your specifications and get a quote in real time