Campsites are recently gaining importance as tourist establishments when compared to the rest of lodging options like hotels, hostels, tourist apartments, rural houses, etc. The majority of a campsites’ visitors are families with children, young people and couples looking for direct contact with nature, either in mountain campsites or near beaches.


The owners of these establishments offer their clients numerous targeted activities: broadcasting of sports competitions, children’s activities, live music shows, dance classes, etc. Large-format LED billboards and screens have become the perfect ally to offer support and visibility to people who take part in these outdoor activities. Giant LED screens allow a better visualization and brightness, even in outdoor sunny-lightning condition.


Information billboards located in access points in campsites or strategic points within the vicinity, will communicate to campers all the activities organized by the campsite, information about touristic routes that can be taken outside the campsite facilities and more. Customers also value positively having local weather information: temperature, humidity, forecast, etc.


Reproducing dynamic content, video, text and pictures on a LED screen is an eye-catching and effective way to communicate with guests and visitors.


LED screens have a lot of advantages that can make the return of investment faster when using them in campsites. Something as simple as selling more snacks, food or drinks during those promoted activities to attracting more people to register and participate in them can make a huge difference in your earnings.


Visual Led offers the best prices in the market. Our promotional prices can turn your project into reality. Check our prices in our Online LED screen quotes generator, but if you want a customized LED screen, contact our Commercial Department and we will help you make the best decision for your business. We know that buying a LED screen is a huge investment that can be a big step for your business, so we always try to offer budget-friendly options. However, some customers choose a rental screen or make a leasing with a financial institution.


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Visual Led designs LED billboards for campsites thinking about making them user-friendly. There are also some accessories that can enhance the features of your LED screen, like professional players that makes it easier to manage a network of LED screens, connecting external devices as video cameras or TV broadcasting. This last accessory is fundamental if you want to broadcast live sporting events such as the Olympics, world championships, football matches, music concerts, etc.


Thanks to our intuitive software, people who handle these devices will be able to easily program multimedia content to different time slots to provide the best service to each customer profile.


You’ll be able to broadcast camping activities live on your LED screen, from offering a show that’s on the stage to making announcements before the beginning of activities. The big size of your LED screen and high contrast and brightness can guarantee that your show will even be seen by those people that are far from the stage.


Visual Led’s LED screens include the software to play the images and videos on the screen. This software is very intuitive, simple and can be operated by any user without complications.


The campsite staff will be able to easily broadcast and edit informative multimedia content, broadcast live and modifiy LED screen settings such as adjusting brightness according to lightning.


Finally, your LED screen can also showcase third-party advertisement to generate additional income to the campsite’s activity.


Quick and easy: enter your specifications and get a quote in real time