Rest stop and petrol station LED screens are a great claim not only to display fuel prices, but to advertise any other type of product or service. The strategic location of petrol stations gives them a great potential to display all kinds of relevant information on their screens and thus attract new customers.


LED screens in petrol stations respond to these advertising and information needs, to increase and improve the impact of your advertisements among people seeking offers, such as fuel prices that make the customer stop at this service station or decide to pass by.


Using LED displays for fuel prices, gas stations acquire an aspect of modernity that encourages potential customers to visit and refuel at the gas station that uses these devices as opposed to those that do not use them. This is the reason why petrol station LED screens are increasing dramatically, attracting the attention of potential buyers.


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Operation of petrol station LED screens is as simple as possible.

Any user is able to play content on a LED screen, may it be videos, photographs or texts. The easiness of its use and fast introduction is basic when we need to change information frequently.


A significant aspect is that our software allows you to change the screen‘s contents remotely, that is, from a different place than the physical location of the screen. This feature is valued very positively among our customers. On the other hand, the management of a large number of LED screens located at other service stations is also relevant. Thus, it is possible to manage screen fleets to optimize resources.


LED screens by gas stations are very striking due to their content and brightness, a fact that attracts the attention of vehicles circulating close to it. In this way we guarantee that all those people who drive near the service station will see the information that is offered on the LED screen. Thus, the owner of the service station will send the information to the drivers of the vehicles passing through the area.


Our screens regulate their intensity in a completely automatic way, reducing possible inconvenience for drivers during night hours and, on the other hand, increasing the brightness in daylight so that their contents are fully visible.


In the entrances of the service stations where we are going to refill our tanks, monoliths are usually placed that include the logo of the gas station’s trademark, the payment cards accepted, discounts, offers and prices of fuel.


More and more companies are replacing these classic monoliths with fully digital ones made up of full-colour LED panels, this is what we know as digital LED monoliths for petrol stations or totems.


Apart from offering information on fuel prices, the evolution of the petrol station sector has led many service stations to expand their products to other ranges, such as fast-food, bakery, newspapers, sweets, beverages, products for vehicles, etc. As well as the complement of other services such as washing tunnels.


To publicize this wide variety of products and services, the LED screen draws the vehicles‘ attention long before arriving at the petrol station, which achieves a greater impact compared to other old systems such as advertising banners.

Outdoor LED screens have high brightness so they can even be seen during the day, with brightness and bright colors that favor correct viewing.


These monoliths can be personalised with a decorative frame that adapts to the tastes of the client. There is the possibility of choosing the screen on one side or on both sides, to influence a larger viewing surface.


In Visual Led we customize projects, so we can offer a wide variety of solutions to meet your needs. In addition, you can choose from a multitude of sizes that will fit your establishment and its environment.


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Thus, your outdoor or indoor petrol station LED display will help you promote your long-distance rest stop.


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