Digital poster displays for indoors and outdoors

  • Advertising poster displays with professional LCD and LED display
  • Suitable for photo and video reproduction
  • Sizes 42, 46, 55 and 65 inches
  •  Both indoor digital poster displays and outood poster displays available

Why use digital poster displays?

Like LED screens, LCD (liquid crystal display) digital posters, also called digital totems or liquid crystal poster displays, are an advertising resource increasingly used in advertising campaigns. One of the reasons for their growing popularity is their manageable dimensions and how easy they are to move around, which makes them an ideal eye-catcher to display footage in shop windows or next to point-of-sale shelves.

LED and LCD digital poster displays are very common in retail, in establishments such as supermarkets, pharmacies, watch stores, fashion stores, etc. This type of display is a form of indoor and outdoor advertising that acts as a silent seller, as it allows you to advertise both the products and services your brand offers and its special offers and sales. Moreover, we must not forget that it provides more visibility to those products to which the establishment wants to give a higher commercial output.

Several studies show that the use of dynamic images is much more attractive and effective among potential customers than conventional static advertising signs. Therefore, the use of totems can help increase sales with a minimum investment and high profitability. Moreover, choosing a digital poster display means you do not have to give up on demanding the highest visualization quality and without all the inconveniences of a touch screen.

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Advantages of digital poster displays

One of the main advantages of LCD digital poster displays is their ability to attract customers’ attention, as moving pictures and videos are much more effective in this aspect than still images. This is not only useful when displaying the company’s commercial catalogue, but also to carry out branding actions.

The contents can be programmed and played back automatically, which allows for substantial savings in time, money and resources in relation to traditional posters. On the other hand, anyone can take care of its operation, without the need of previous knowledge.

On the other hand, as it is usually a vertical screen, we must take into account that this format favours communication and the reading of the text that accompanies the images. Moreover, as it can be placed in strategic locations, it does not go unnoticed by visitors to the shop.

Another strong point is that, as the screens are very light -and at the same time very resistant-, they can be easily moved, even without the help of third parties. In any case, you can check for yourself how robust this display is.

Finally, we must also highlight the long life of both the LED and LCD digital poster displays, which can operate uninterruptedly for around 60,000 hours.


LCD digital poster displays are capable of playing HDTV and DTV video signals, as well as computer signals.


Digital poster displays are an unbeatable tool to capture the attention of current or potential buyers, thanks to dynamic content broadcasting.


In Visual Led, we manufacture 42, 46, 55 and 65-inch sized digital poster displays, with various finishes and features to suit your needs.

How to get the most out of your LCD digital poster display

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We want your experience with your LED and LCD displays to exceed your most demanding expectations. This is why you will receive a complete user manual along with your monitor, with all the specifications to use your poster display. In addition, each of our LCD and LED displays are accompanied by their corresponding technical documentation, so that you can get to know all their characteristics and features and know what possibilities they offer you.


One of the disadvantages of a traditional billboard is the expense it generates in terms of money, resources and time. This does not happen with digital signage. Thanks to our remote access program, you will be able to program, reprogram and monitor the contents of your running advertising campaigns in real time, from any place and at any time. All you need is a device with Internet access – it’s that simple!

How to assemble your digital poster display

Among the many advantages of digital poster displays, it is worth noting how easy it is to assemble them. In fact, you can do it yourself, with the help of another person, which means a substantial saving compared to other LCD and LED monitors.



In this first step, we recommend taking great care when handling the parts, in order to avoid damage during the assembly process of your digital poster display. Read carefully the assembly instructions that we will provide you with and, if possible, ask someone to help you unpack the components of your poster display. Avoid hitting the corners and sides, which are the most fragile parts, and make sure that the first thing that touches the ground is the back of your advertising screen.


In Visual Led, we provide lightweight cabinets with very easy to manipulate mechanisms, so that the assembly and installation of your advertising screen or poster display is easy and fast. Compatible with a large number of stands and brackets, for horizontal or vertical mounting.


The data wiring of your poster display is very simple, thanks to the network connectors that you will receive with your order. Follow the instructions in our instruction manual to make the connection and connect the content player to your LCD poster display.
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How to control a digital poster display

Visual Led offers you the PubliWeb software, which allows you to control one or more advertising screens or poster displays, being able to access them from any computer or mobile device, at any time and place. Thanks to our remote control system, you will be able to control several LCD monitors in different locations, from an administration panel.

Our remote control system includes an advanced programmer, a content programming interface; a content library, with which you will be able to load digital photo, video and sound files in various formats; a multi-screen control, ideal for individual or multiple programming; a power control, which gives the option to control the running times, and a system for monitoring your advertising campaigns and image broadcasts.

Would you like to receive more information about our LCD and LED digital poster display or any other digital signage solution?

 In that case, you can contact us by calling (+44) 203 769 5276; sending us an email to or completing our contact form. We will solve all your doubts and advise you to help you boost your business and your sales.

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Who needs to buy an advertising totem?

Due to its format and versatility, an LCD digital poster display is a perfect ally for any type of commercial establishment. One of the areas in which it can be especially useful is in the healthcare business. In fact, it is common to see it in pharmacies, promoting special offers or providing information about opening hours or the availability of stock in certain items. They are also very practical for health centres and doctors’ offices (e.g., dentists), where they can be used to provide health advice to visitors and to offer a better waiting room experience to patients and those accompanying them.

They are also highly recommended in businesses such as hairdressers. Through their use, they show how the different beauty treatments are offered or how a certain hairstyle looks. The same could be said of car traders and real estate agencies, since they show the vehicles or apartments for sale in a more impressive way than a static image. In the case of travel agencies, it is a much more effective tool than conventional signage when it comes to publicizing a tourist destination.

Digital poster displays also work very well for all kinds of retail stores, such as supermarkets and food stores, boutiques, hardware stores, etc. The same could be said of bars and restaurants, where those in charge of each business can show their gastronomic specialties, menus, daily offers, etc.

Catering: bars, terraces, restaurants, pubs and discos

Travel Agencies and Real Estate Agencies

Hairdressers, beauty centers and salons

Supermarkets, stores and shopping centers

What do our clients say?

Everything was correct. The delivery for my giant led screen was done in the scheduled time.


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Fast technical assistance. Urgent queries about my led screen were solved without having to book an appointment.


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