Until fairly recently, specialized magazines were the main source of information for all those who wanted to buy a car. However, the Internet has changed the rules of the game: now, potential customers arrive at the dealership knowing everything – or almost everything – about the vehicles they are interested in. Hence, high impact advertising is necessary to convince them. A goal that LED lighting displays for car dealerships will help you achieve.


In this sense, we must not forget that this type of digital advertising offers many advantages over conventional advertising media. Although we will read about them below, it is worth noting the possibility of broadcasting video, which is what will allow clients to see the different car models in motion. Taking into account that the vehicle is already in the establishment itself, we will understand why traditional static advertising cannot only be ineffective, but also counterproductive to the company’s brand.


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The automotive business has its own communication codes. The message that must get through does not necessarily have to do with the benefits of the car: rather, what is sold are the experiences that can be lived behind the wheel. It is therefore a type of emotional advertising, so it must be direct and shocking.


To achieve this purpose, outdoor LED screens for dealerships are a safe bet. They not only allow you to show the name of the establishment, but also promotions, for example, of used or stock vehicles, sales and additional services, such as workshops or post-sale services through videos and photos.


In addition, LED signs allow you to broadcast numerous messages, which can be changed throughout the day to adjust to the target that passes in front of the establishment in each time slot. For example, the time to take the children to school is the ideal time to show pictures of minivans and family cars. The pixel rate of this type of digital advertising provides unsurpassed brightness, even during sunny hours.

In a matter of a few minutes, you will have an advertising message ready that you can program whenever and wherever you want, in a totally flexible way. In addition, the integrated software that Visual LED’s LED screens allows you to generate content without prior programming or design knowledge.


On the other hand, the impact of these messages can be reinforced with the inclusion of LED banners. This resource is perfect for the busiest streets and avenues, while helping to improve the visibility of the car dealership among people who walk past the entrance of the building.

Do you only need an outdoor LED display for a specific event, such as the presentation of a new car model? If so, you should know that we have a LED screen rental service. All of them are light and easy to transport and assemble -in fact, they are self-sufficient, so you can set them up yourself with the help of another person-, which translates into significant savings.


To ensure maximum durability, Visual LED screens are resistant to rain, sudden changes in temperature or wind.


As we said at the beginning, whoever goes to the dealer does so with a fairly defined purchase idea. But what happens with those who happen to walk by the establishment? Firstly, they may not stop to look inside if there is nothing that catches their attention (something that is hard with just static cars behind the glass window, since this is a common element of the urban landscape). All this without forgetting that, in Britain, dealerships tend to concentrate in very specific areas, which intensifies competition between establishments.


To attract passers-by, LED screens for shop windows are a good option. Given that the commercial areas are saturated with claims and traditional advertising posters, it is essential to stand out among the competitors in order to attract the attention of your potential clients in an effective manner. In this sense, numerous studies emphasize that advertising with the greatest impact which includes video messages, texts and moving images. We should point out that luminosity is also a fundamental aspect. This explains the importance of having LED screens for car dealerships.

Some establishments choose to use dynamic advertising with flat screen televisions, either plasma or LCD. However, its small size, added to the fact that they are not as bright as professional LED screens -which are too light, especially when the sun falls directly-, means that the result is not as expected. With indoor LED screens, reinforced with digital LED mupis, you will increase your options to boost sales.

In any case, this type of advertising media is not only ideal for car dealers, but also for other spaces in which new or second-hand vehicles are sold, such as automotive fairs, exhibitions or vehicle delivery areas.


Visual Led designs bespoke LED screens, thus giving a personalized response to the needs and budget of each client. If you want to receive an approximate budget, simply mark the dimensions you need on our LED screen price calculator, as well as other features (if it is an outdoor or indoor LED screen, if you want to add vandal protection, etc.). We will offer you a quote without purchase commitment.


Do you also need help with the contents? If so, keep in mind that Visual Led offers digital advertising design courses, so that anyone outside the design or programming business can generate their content with a professional quality. This will give the dealership more autonomy, as you will be able to forget about the corporate videos provided by brands and offer more personalized and effective advertising.

If you need more information about our LED screens for car dealerships, contact us. We will be happy to advise you, with honesty and professionalism, so that you get the best results.


Quick and easy: enter your specifications and get a quote in real time