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In the current context, the need to communicate and offer information is increasingly important. The conventional means of communication have lost appeal in recent years due to the rise of new technologies (ICT). This explains the success of digital billboards, a very effective support when used in the busiest areas of cities. The reason for its success is none other than its ability to play dynamic content immediately, both video and photographs.

In addition to broadcasting ads using static or moving digital images, LED displays can be combined with other resources, such as 3D claims, for example.

Although the use of digital billboards on roads in Europe has been restricted for security reasons, they continue to have a large presence in urban areas. Their communicative potential means that they have more and more presence in the busiest streets in large cities. Something that is not surprising, considering that they bring great benefits to companies that develop their exploitation through advertising.

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Tech specs of our of digital LED billboards

All digital billboards should have every professional feature needed so it can work 24 hours a day without interruption.

At Visual Led, we select the best electronic components to create LED billboards to broadcast video and high definition images 24/7. Placing LED billboards outside, on roofs and facades, requires a solid constructed billboard that can resist all kinds of adverse weather conditions, without stopping and keeping the image quality.

Technical Specifications
Types of LEDSMD
Pixel (Pitch)P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10
Maximum brightness4.000 – 12.000 nits
Average LED lifespan120.000 h.
Frequency3.000 – 5.000 Hz


Its strategic location in the upper areas of buildings requires large sizes so that they can be seen from all angles.

In Visual Led, we design and produce digital billboards of any size, also providing the necessary assembly and structure instructions for their installation on rooftops.


Placement of an advertising screen on top of buildings make it difficult to access, even more to perform any task. This is the reason why it’is very important to acquire a quality LED billboard, that requires little to no maintenance.

Visual Led manufactures LED screens for rooftops or buildings using advanced electronics parts, offering the best products, guaranteeing efficiency and quality performance


A visible LED billboard must be made using high brightness LED. These LEDs are a bit more expensive than conventional SMD LEDs, but are fundamental if you want perfect visibility from all angles, at any time, even at broad daylight.

Digital LED billboards: the best option to boost your business

Communicating and delivering information is a must in our fast and dynamic society. However, traditional advertising techniques and media have become outdated, less effective and even slow when confronted with the speed of data consuming habits of the average consumer. Effective advertising must be adapted to this fast-pace society by implementing new technologies.

This type of outdoor led screens are one of these new medias, suitable to offer dynamic and competitive advertising content. Digital LED billboards are located in the busiest areas, playing video and image 24/7, catching the attention of everyone. Digital billboards offer great communication possibilities. It’s not a coincidence that they have become an increasingly visible element on streets: broadcasting ads in a LED screen can bring a lot of benefits to any company or business, by making them relevant and creating true engaging with possible customers.

Find out below what advantages a LED billboard can offer compared to other forms of outdoor advertising and how they can help you boost your business.

How to assemble a LED billboard?

Assembling a LED billboard on a rooftop is a simple task. Its modular assembly system makes the final installation easier. When installing it in high areas on buildings, you will need to hire cranes and load lifting systems.

1First, the frame and exterior structure that will form the digital billboard is installed. This perimeter frame gives resistance and robustness to the digital display.
2We position the LED panels as they appear numbered in the manuals and documentation attached with the billboard. Keep in mind that it is very important to place the safety plates that are delivered so that the LED display is assembled forming a total and robust block..
3Finally, you have to install the data cables that send the image to the billboard. Each LED panel has one input channel and one output channel. Once the entire LED billboard is wired, we can connect the monitor to the electricity grid and start broadcasting digital content.  
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Broadcasting digital content on LED billboards

Once we have the digital billboard placed on a roof or building, we need to send the advertisements in order to start broadcasting. The most practical way is to send this information remotely to the LED billboard.

Through our app, you can start, send and upload your ads to the LED billboard from your office,  without worrying about how far away it has been installed.

Ask us for advice on the most appropriate control system for your billboard.


It’s very easy! Just fill the sizes you are interested in and get your quote now

Digital signage for LED billboards

Generating and managing digital content on several displays at the same time can be complex. That is why it is necessary to use technologies that allow us to simplify these tasks.

At Visual Led, we offer you our digital signage system for all of our digital billboards, with which you can perform multiple advertising tasks in a very short time. In addition, you can play auxiliary dynamic content that will prompt users to look at the advertising display constantly, catching their attention.

Advertising billing management

Our signage tool integrates a management system for broadcasted advertisements. You can obtain statistics of the reproductions per client and directly create your billing.

Streaming digital content

Insert flashy content by streaming video channels from platforms such as YouTube.

You can also create a library with original content that can be alternated with ad blocks. In this way, you will generate a greater impact and originality in your content, which will be even more effective than conventional LED signs.

Monitoring LED billboard fleets

You can control the performance of your fleet of LED displays from your mobile phone, or any other digital device. You can also view the contents that are playing on the LED billboard live and check if it’s operating correctly to guarantee its effectiveness at all times.

What are the advantages of Visual Led’s digital billboards for advertising?

One of the benefits of our digital LED billboards is their large size. These large LED screens deliver a very high image resolution, perfect to play any video content with the highest quality.
Another advantage of our displays is their great brightness, that far exceeds that of any television or monitor, meaning that the images displayed can be viewed without problem, even in broad daylight. These features make digital displays a profitable and ideal product to place on any building’s rooftop.
Here are the main advantages of our LED billboards for advertising:

High visual impact

Great luminosity

High profitability

Large Format

What do our clients say?

Everything was correct. The delivery for my giant led screen was done in the scheduled time.


Teresa Naumann

I contacted Visual Led to purchase a LED sign for my business. They told me about all the features the sign offered and how I could play content on it. They were very straightforward and clear when explaining the instructions.


Martha Lorens

Fast technical assistance. Urgent queries about my led screen were solved without having to book an appointment.


Richard Hansrom