LEDs with DIP encapsulation -dual in line package- have been the most used in led advertising screens until recently. Their high resistance in outdoor environments and their great luminosity made them the perfect ally.

Currently, this type of LED is only used for projects on very specific LED screens that require a high degree of resistance against impacts. The current lower production compared to other LEDs, make it a more expensive option. However, its good performance and durability continue to favour its purchase.



DIP LEDs have a cylindrical shape with a sphere finish on the top, which improves their light scattering. In their interior they contain a single cell with the semiconductor crystal that produces the light when being crossed by a continuous current.


By having a single colour cell, DIP LEDs can only produce one colour or light tone. This is why DIP led screens are combined in a 3 DIP pixel, where each of them makes a particular colour (Red, green and blue).

One of the best features presented by the DIP is its degree of resistance to impacts and blows,, this is due to its resin encapsulation that covers all its exterior abundantly. In addition to other features that gives it great durability is its integration system on modules or led plates, since they are created with two pins that are welded directly on the circuit. This form of union on the module’s plates is the most resistant, greatly exceeding the system used in SMD LEDs.


Currently, DIP leds are used in applications where durability and strength, as well as brightness intensity, are critical factors. For years, they have been the most used type of LED in all types of applications. This situation is changing recently, due to the rise of SMD LEDs that are benefiting from the latest technological advances.

In addition, the market for LED screens demands higher screen resolutions every time, which can only be achieved through the use of SMD leds with small pixels. However, DIP technology LED screens are a product especially suited for screens that will be viewed at great distances, thanks to their ability of offering greater brightness with a high durability and resistance.


Visual Led offers several types of LED screens that can use DIP LEDs. We classify them in the following categories:

  • Informative LED panels
  • Informative LED panels
  • Digital sign panel
  • Advertising LED screens
  • Giant LED screens
  • Exterior LED screens
  • LED screens for rent
  • Advertising LED screens