LED screens for driving schools

In the World of automation, a market that is more competitive every day, it is difficult to stand out among competitors. As well as the great amount of advertising to which the public is exposed to daily, catching passersby and drivers’ attention is getting complicated.


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We have over 18 years of experience helping our clients amaze their audience with our LED screens.

We are leaders in Europe in the design and manufacture of advertising led screens.

At Visual Led, we offer solutions for both outdoor and indoor advertising, for any kind of event, without the size of the screen influencing the quality of the final product.

We guarantee a completely personalized service and specialized technical assistance available whenever you need it. We want you to find the led screens that best suit your goals.


We are manufacturers, not resellers. This lets us to have prices up to 50% cheaper than the competition, without compromising the quality of our LED displays.


Your purchase already includes, at no extra cost, a multimedia player (hardware) and the corresponding software so you can program and control your LED screen.


Our advertising screens are self-assembling. In other words, when you buy one of our screens you can assemble it yourself by following our simple manuals.


Other companies make you sign maintenance contracts that involve extra annual or monthly payments. At Visual Led we don’t do that, you will never have to pay maintenance fees

With Visual Led’s LED screens for driving schools you will find an efficient solution to advertise your business in a visual, efficient and sustainable way. Increase the number of students and make sure everybody can see your driving school at a distance 24/7.

Learn about the latest technology that Visual Led offers and discover why we are a leading LED screens and panel company.

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A classic in many driving schools is a roof sign with a ‘Learner’ badge on it to indicate this type of school on the street. As the years go by, this element has evolved and can nowadays be seen in the dark and can even play video and images. Yes, you have read correctly. Thus, you will not only have the chance to broadcast a static image, but will also be able to add any other content you want, such as your business’ logo, a video featuring your car fleet and even relevant information for potential clients, such as the weather, your opening times, the most recent discounts and sales…

Visual Led’s outdoor LED screens are created to resist all kind of weather, from the scorching heat to rainfall. This is possible thanks to its heat-resistant resin and its perfect waterproof layer.

As an automation professional, you will know firsthand how annoying bright signage is at night for drivers and how dangerous they can be. This is why we have through about every detail, so our digital sing boards and banners effectively adapt their brightness to the time of the day. This also means that, even when the sun is hitting the sign directly, it will be perfectly visible at a distance.


It’s very easy! Just fill the sizes you are interested in and get your quote now


As well as all the features mentioned above, having LED screens for driving schools will also be a great investment, as it will broaden your target in a visual way and will have a great return on investment.

To begin with, its assembling is easy and fast, which is why two people can put all the pieces together to start broadcasting all the content you desire, which means that you will not require the services of third parties.

As they are made out of LED lights, our digital screens for driving schools have a low electricity consumption, so you do not need to worry about the electricity bill. Moreover, you will have the chance to program the timetable in which you want the screen to switch on and off. All this and much more can be scheduled at a distance from a PC thanks to our software that will also allow you to upload your own content in an easy way.

Have you thought about adding any other type of multimedia device? With our indoor LED screens, you will have the perfect chance to make the most of your storefront. Thanks to their high resolution, these screens have a great sharpness, which is why they will be visible in commercial areas, giving your storefront a new use. Play striking videos related to your business to attract new customers, as several studies have proven that video is much more effective than static image when it comes to advertising in public spaces. Moreover, you will be able to broadcast important information, such as class timetables, the dates for the next exams or the most interesting offers.


Have you made up your mind? Then it’s time to know why trusting Visual Led is not simply a safe bet, but the best investment you can make.

Ask us for whatever you want. Visual Led will be in charge of the whole manufacturing process from beginning to end, which is why we can adapt to any of your needs, so your LED screens for driving schools are up to the standard you are looking for. This means that we can take care of every single detail to personalize each assignment 100% and forget about third parties that can increase costs. This is the formula that allows us to offer the best quality at competitive prices.

But our mission does not end here. Once our LED screens for driving schools are handed, we are committed to help you during all the assembly process. In our clients zone you will find easy instructions that will help you have your screen set up in no time. With the courses we offer you will also be able to learn to use the software in a simple way, program the content you want and ever create your own content as you prefer. You also have our design team at your disposal if you need any help from a professional team.

We know that technical customer service is extremely important, which is why you will also have access to our phone number for any emergencies or technical issues.
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