What information to broadcast on led screens

According to an analysis carried out by Neuromedia, each person receives an advertising impact every 10 seconds, which makes a total of 6,000 daily impacts. However, of this number we only remember a small percentage, which some studies place between 3% and 12%. And if we add informative inputs to this, the data is even more bulky. Thus, and in order to make the communication of any business profitable and effective, the following questions must be asked: what information can be emitted on LED screens to make it useful and effective?

If you already have an outdoor LED display or an indoor LED display, you can make the most of its performance by following these recommendations. First of all, however, it is necessary to keep in mind that the key to success is summarised in a very specific aspect: that what is disclosed, whether information or advertising, provides a benefit to users equal to or greater than that offer competitors. The answer can be translated into new clients or, in any case, an improvement in the brand image among the stakeholders —or the public of interest, both buyers and workers, collaborators, suppliers, opinion groups, shareholders, etc.— of the company.

Company offers and promotions

The possibility of saving on a purchase is one of the advantages that consumers value most. Therefore, the buyer persona —or ideal clients— of an organisation will be receptive, and perhaps more willing to buy a product or service, if they are offered a good price discount. However, promotions go further, since they can take advantage of many other formulas: Buy one get one free offers, obtaining points or vouchers that can be exchanged for money or gifts in future purchases, participation in raffles, safe gifts for those who make an expense from a certain amount … In the end, it is the company that decides which is the most appropriate formula.

Thanks to the advertising LED screens, you will be able to spread the messages you want and when you want, adapting them to the profile of the users who pass by them in each time slot, or to the circumstances of the company (for example, they can help deliver more commercial outlet for a certain item in stock, as occurs in supermarkets).


One of the characteristics of the information society is the dissemination of news in zero time. This has a result that is easily perceived in our day-to-day: the need for many people to be constantly informed of what is happening around them. Hence, offering news through our LED screens is a sure hit. In addition to responding to widespread demand, the target audience will perceive that the company is providing them with a useful service that goes beyond its purely commercial side. An aspect that can contribute to get new customers or retain existing ones.

Another advantage of broadcasting news is that the company does not need to create the content: you just have to tune in to some 24-hour information television channel.

Now, let’s see what information can be broadcast on LED screens.

Weather forecast

A weekend away, a walk in the mountains, a day at the beach, a lunch or dinner outdoors with family or friends, a sports competition … Almost everyone has a plan on the agenda depending on the time they got to do it in. This means that it never hurts to know the weather forecast for the next hours or the next days. Furthermore, this type of information plays with an advantage: its simplicity. It does not require sound, since it is enough to include a few easily recognisable numbers and icons to transmit the desired message.

Offering the weather forecast is a constant in the screens for smart cities, although this format is perfect for all kinds of advertising screens.

Traffic status

Returning to smart cities, other information that can make life easier for drivers is to know the state of the traffic: possible delays on some roads or accesses to the urban core, streets cut by works, accidents, black points on the roads, reminders of the maximum speed allowed, how to get to the city centre, presence of parking lots and how far away they are…. Without a doubt, those who are behind the wheel will appreciate knowing these and other similar data live.


Making a waiting time or visit more pleasant is an essential aspect for many establishments, such as hairdressers and beauty centers, waiting rooms in hospitals, clinics and dentists, etc. Therefore, indoor LED screens can be a good ally for broadcasting short films, movies, television series, etc. In restaurants, bars and pubs, moreover, live sports events can be broadcast without any problem. An aspect that, in addition, has become especially important as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, since, at the time of writing these words, the vast majority of sporting events do not admit spectators on the spot.

Even when the weather is pleasant, the giant LED screens are perfect for organising outdoor movie screenings.

Practical information

When it comes to answering the question of what information can be emitted on LED screens, we could not leave out those emissions that provide practical advice. For example, in veterinary clinics, recommendations for the care of pets can be provided; in pharmacies, tips to protect the skin from the sun and use sunscreen safely; in the CAPs, issue reminders about the measures to be followed to stop the expansion of the coronavirus, etc.